Seaside Camping Anyone?

Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by DizzyDew, Jan 12, 2005.

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    Anyone been to the Padre Island National Seashore down in Texas? I wanna get some people together and spend a week or two camping out on the beach down there. The barrier reef is over a hundred miles long and I hear if you go down a ways you can have your own personal beach and not see anyone for days. I've seen some pictures and it looks so beautifull. I plan on going either this summer or next and already have a few people interested. We'd be glad to meet up with some good people along the way to join us. Anyone have any info on the matter?
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    would if I could...
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    North Padre is cool..I camped there years ago and it was amazing. Got caught in a lightning rain but lightning everywhere. Strange but I loved seeing it. I just got back from business in South Padre last month....not the same animal at all.

    Have fun.

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