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Discussion in 'Protest' started by snowultra, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. snowultra

    snowultra Member

    so i went to sears a couple of days ago, and bought a mini-fridge. i pay for it at the price of a new product ( which its suppose to be ) then i get it home and take it out of the box and bottom is all full of white stuff, the side has 2 dents in it. so i take it back, and tell them that this was used--returned product. they give me my money back.

    so i look around and see a mini-fridge on sale, so i buy it. then i take it home ( no dents, or white stuff ). i notice that my soda is not very cold. so i set it to 7 the coldest temperature, and i plug my thermometor, and leave it over night. well it never got below 58 degrees-------so i take it back, and they tell me. this was also a returned product, that they sold to me at a new mini-refridge price. so they gave me my money again.

    i ask to see the manager, and show her they sold me 2 mini-fridges that where returned products. yet they charged me the price of a new fridge, and didnt work.
    she tells me all she can do is apologize,and there is no way file a complaint, and what i want from her?

    i havent been to sears in like 5 years, but i will never go back.
  2. blu raven

    blu raven Member

    Sears is America's store!! or babylons.
  3. Rue Takedo

    Rue Takedo Member

    Wow. That's bullshit. Have you filed a report with the Better Business Bureau?
  4. RyJa

    RyJa Member

    personally I'm not a fan of Sears. However I do enjoy walking around ours here, mainly because it's huge (3 floors).
    The only thing I can recall purchasing at Sears, would be my current pair of Reebok shoes, four or so years ago.
    I collected a bunch of American money, saw the shoes on sale for $30CDN (down from $100) so they ended up costing my something like $25USD with tax! So when it comes to buying stuff from Sears, I have no real complaints.
    If they truly were returned products, then you have all right to file a complaint of some sort. Whether it be with the store itself, or B.B.B. If it didn't indicate ANYWHERE that these were used, you probably could file some sort of lawsuit as well, I'm sure.
  5. sentient

    sentient Senior Member

    Have you thought about destroying all sears stores with a few rocket grenades ???
  6. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    Why do you ask? Have you considered lobbing molotov cocktail at Harrod's? For someone who claims to be so much better that we are, you seem to have an awful lot of violent ideas. Perhaps you should watch less television.
  7. Breakxeggs

    Breakxeggs Member

    Uh dude, they can't put a sale price on the returned merchandise. The reason its placed back on the shelf is because the customer that owned it before you, didn't tell them there was something wrong with it, so they just stuck back on the shelf. I work for Kmart and we do the exact same thing, if someone says is damaged or something is wrong with it it goes into the back to be shipped out so that people wont buy the broken one. If someone doesn't say there is anything wrong with it then it goes back onto the shelf. I get shit from people like you all the time, you guys just never understand thats the way it works.

    If you ask me its kind of your own dumb fault for not noticing if the box was retaped.

    You might want to pay attention when you are about to buy something like that.

    Oh yeah, soda is bad for you champ.
  8. Breakxeggs

    Breakxeggs Member

    No you couldn't its plain sight, just check to see the condition of the box, if its retaped or looks tampered with, chances are its returned. A lawsuit about this would be like dumb woman who sued Mc Donalds because they didn't tell her that her coffee was hot.

    My goodness are people losing their commonsense?
  9. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    There are some real stooges working at the K-mart in my area. I've seen at least two workers at the register treating customers rudely. They don't even care about their own jobs. There's a huge WalMart that just opened up next to them and has a full parking lot all the time. The parking lot at K-Mart is nearly empty. I thought that they had closed down but they're still managing to eek it out somehow.

    That same K-mart installed about 15 self-serve u-scan machines and had no one working at the registers at all to try to save money. That didn't work and then they got rid of most of the u-scans they had bought. Think of all the money wasted on that approach.

  10. Breakxeggs

    Breakxeggs Member

    Yeah Kmart is going under, I'm using my store manager to help me get a better job outside of Kmart lol
  11. Yoseff

    Yoseff Music Addict

    The only reason I go to Sears is in order to get tools (Craftsman), which is an awesome buy (most of the tools are lifetime guaranteed)
  12. Stillravenmad

    Stillravenmad Member

    All the BBB does is log complaints. Seldom is there ever any real resolution.
  13. Breakxeggs

    Breakxeggs Member

    Snap On FTW!

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