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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Anonymooose, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Anonymooose

    Anonymooose Member

    Sooo I'm pretty confident this girl is into me but the more sure I get the more I worry that I could be wrong and she doesn't want a relationship, but telling by the signs its looking good.... anyways thats beside the point, I'm not going to be back in town for about two weeks and the waiting is killing me because I want to know the answer... I figure the best thing to do in my situation is to wait until I'm in town and then ask her out on say vday....

    but I'd truthfully rather not wait because I want to find out so I was thinking maybe I could tell the girl I like that I like a girl and want to ask her out, and then ask her if i should ask the girl now despite the fact that I'd hate to do it online or if I should wait it out till i get back so i can do it in person.... and if she catches on that im talking about her because she does like me I'd hope she'd tell me what she thinks and I'd figure out what the answer will be whether I wait to ask or not...

    This is the part I'm worst at, going from that initial spark to a relationship... So any advice or suggestions are appreciated... sorry if my explanation is confusing feel free to ask any questions

    Do I just stick it out, or is my plan worth a try??
  2. MaximusXXX

    MaximusXXX Senior Member

    Okay...I thought from the title you were asking on how to get laid..

    Be a man, have some balls and just seduce the girl.

    Seriously, asking a friend to ask a girl you like if she likes you is Grade school.

    Seriously. Stop.
  3. Anonymooose

    Anonymooose Member

    naw thats not what i was saying haha, but I'll figure it out
  4. jacobfredjo

    jacobfredjo Senior Member

    just tell her she is amazing, that youve never met any other girl like her before and that you want a relationship with her....its really not that hard, and im sure she is waiting for you to ask
  5. Anonymooose

    Anonymooose Member

    thanks^ things went well to say the least!
  6. audiovisions

    audiovisions Member

    Make bold moves, it will pay off.
  7. kinulpture

    kinulpture Member

    yes they do

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