Seahorse Transform - Dust From A Trip

Discussion in 'Ambient and Trance' started by Hesh, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hesh

    Hesh Member


    Artist ....... Seahorse Transform
    Genre ........ Ambient
    Source ....... CDDA
    Catalognr .... sofabeatscd04
    Label ........ Sofa Beats
    Store Date ... Dec-11-2006
    Tracks ....... 09
    Length ....... 69:15 min
    Quality ...... VBRkbps 44,1kHz
    Mode ......... Joint-Stereo
    Encoder ...... LAME
    Size ......... 109,9 MB

    01 Forest Morph 08:45
    02 Dubadelic 07:46
    03 Paradime warp 09:39
    04 Satelite of Kali 06:45
    05 Intergalactic voice 07:40
    06 Ninth Gate 07:43
    07 La Selva 08:00
    08 Djaja Dub 09:37
    09 Mr. Glowing Oak 03:20


    Seahorse Transform is 34 years old Simon Jagd from Copenhagen in Denmark.

    Where he has been writing music since his teenage days, specialized in percussions. Simon has a weakness for Asian instruments and is deeply inspired from many journeys to India.

    His music has a vast depth and is painted with very strong emotions and beauty. It is one of those rare albums where everything seems to fall in place and one gets overwhelmed with the quality of this masterpiece. It's easy to just close the eyes and driftaway to these magical sounds.

    Seahorse Transform was also featured on the Floating Point III compilation from 2006. This album is an essential for Chill out DJ's and has potential to reach out and entertain many people around the world.


    slap them headphones on and have a nice trip! :D u gotta love that sitar!

  2. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    This is really good! I'm a sucker for sitar, so Satelite of Kali and Djaja Dub were my favorite :D

    a keeper
  3. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    im glad u liked it, if u dig sitar... have u heard any stuff by Ananda Shankar.
  4. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    no but i am exploring indian music currently, i've been listening to ravi shankar for weeks

    i just downloaded a few multi-gb compilations of ragas by various artists

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