scorpio guys or just him(advice issue)?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Adgreyga, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    i posted this prob b4 but it was waaaay too long 4 any1 to read
    ima pisces n im supposed to be combatible w/ scorpio
    but theres a scorpio guy im into now that i just cant figure out altho i guess the stars may not count cuz hes jus 17 n im jus 16 but he doesnt act like id expect jus for the guy i fell for
    he tried to appoach me shylly at 1st when he found out i liked him but now he has started to treat me mean and ignore me (going on for almost a month now)- this i just dont get is it a scorpio thing or jus him or s/t i should take personally
    im confussed b/c i still have feelings 4 him n all my friends keep telling me to approah him but the couple of times i had he sorta brushed me off so i avoided him and he avoided me
    were not even friends anymore and that hurts more than all - i would rather be regected and be back to friendship than ignoring our issues....its really haertbreaking for me and i feel really lost about the whole thing - i hate that i always lose guy friends when romance becomes an option for us, i hope its not just me.....
  2. MBlake81

    MBlake81 Member

    Well lemme first say im sorry for the situation your in Adgreyga, You sound like a caring and sensitive person. Well since im a scorpio guy ill try to help you out as best i can here. There is some information thats missing here so ill try to go on what i see.. When he first approached you how was your reaction to him? (Not pointing a finger at you) Did you brush him off in any way? Kinda like playing hard to get maybe? We scorpios can blow things out of proportion especially if we are nervous and over sensitive about something. What may have happened was a misunderstanding which goes both ways with us scorpios and both were hurt when there was really nothing wrong that happened.

    Getting through to us can be hard at times. If we think were right about something we can be stubborn to extreme. Maybe he thinks you were playing with him and now totally ignores you as revenge for hurting him.. Agin it was probably just a misunderstanding.

    If he has a best friend ask him to talk to him and tell him that you really do like him and would like to talk to sort out any misunderstanding that may have happened.
    And if that doesnt work at least your talking to him and can find out if he still likes you and was just hurt. Smooth things over in a respectable way as best you can )

    Feel free to ask any q's if you need or if i said something confusing )
  3. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    wow, did you like read my mind? thank you do much 4 responding, your questions are so on point - no suprise your a scorpio! :)

    -okay, i had always spoken to him in the halls and in class b4 he knew a/b my feelings and he was nice and would wave and smile back and appaud me n stuff (we have a soccer class together) the 1st thing that happend when my friend told him, she said he said he couldnt believe it and told her that he was going to approah me after class - but he didnt. the 1st time we spoke after he knew was when another friend left and we were alone. she took his chips from him and gave it to me. he asked for it back and i held out my hand for him to take it. he started to make a convo about the chips (like he eats it everyday, which is weird cuz we get the same type of chips the same time of day) but all i said was 'oh' and our convo was interupped and i was scared he was goin to ignore me so i walked away when his back was turned

    - so yea that didnt go so well, i must admit b/c of me. i did brush him off. i do regret it but i was scared to be dissed by guys (i usually have the upper hand) and this fear came from...the 2 days where he would walk w/ me and this friend, but ignore me; actually now like the past 2 weeks its so over the top that he'll hug her, blow her kisses, askes her for kisses, asks her her plans and horseplay and not even look at me (he saves his long stares for in class when he thinks im not looking- but i see them and they're the rumor of scorpio penitration). in reality i kno that they hadnt even spoken hardly at all until i came along, its an unlikely coincidence i think

    - i felt he was playing hard to get, so yea i did the same thing. i just cant stand being treated mean to (ima picses, we run away from anything mean are harm-seeming ya kno) and the fact that he went from so warm to so cold really scared me i even feel like i lost a friend and possible bf and gained an enemy and some1 to avoid- which i hate doing

    -and that you mention the friend thing, a guy in our class that is his friend is really sweet and nice me and him became friends in the middle of this whole thing i could ask him
    but usually i shun away from using a middle man, but im not too proud to ( actually i got mad at the friend who told him, he knos i didnt send her to him tho)
    you really did help me so much, i hope i explained things clearly (feel free to tell me if i didnt)
    your questions made me think of something else to ask you; do scorpios fall for the romantic stuff, b/c for a while i had forgotten about the chip-thing we share (which are actually sun chips) and i think i could write him a short note saying how "im sorry we never got to talk and that we sorta feel out b4 we even got close, and that it doesnt matter if you like me as a gf or jus a friend i'll be happy if we could we could say 'hi' like we used to, when friendship was availible.." and put give it to our mutual guy friend to put on his locker with a bag of sun chips attached to it...just a romantic thought, tho if u think i shouldnt do it i wont

    thanks again.. :)
  4. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    can you make you font bigger so i can read this?

    all ican make out is he is a scorpio and confusing...and well thats a scorpio for ya!
    linda goodmans "sun signs" is an excellent book for learning about the sun signs and once you get past her romantic waffleing mumbo jumbo (which i actually like) you can figure out ppl pretty easy!
  5. MBlake81

    MBlake81 Member

    Some more advice with us scorpios adgreyga, If you really like this guy you may have to train yourself in how to take our sometimes extreme mood swings. They can go from really hot to really cold.. Its one of the reasons why we are such a mystery to others :). Also dont take his moods as a direct assualt on yourself, Only take them that way if he says something hurtfull directly to you. And even if he does something to the extreme like that dont cower away, He may be just displacing his anger which can happen to any of us scorpios.. Sometimes no one is safe from that..Ask him what he really means by what hes saying and if he is (really) angry at you. Also be aware that our jealousy can flare up at any moment, At least i know mine does.. Sometimes im not even aware of it, im just acting on it. Its only this bad if we really want something/someone and care about them being in our lives.

    I know all this sounds like alot to handle but trust me being with a scorpio can be well.. Intense and rewarding for yourself too.
  6. MBlake81

    MBlake81 Member

    I got to talking about random things and forgot to answer your last question about being romantic. Sure i think its a good thing to do, I know i would take it as a good thing.. Well knowing sun chips was something you two "Shared" it would be a private thing between you too. i know i would like it.

    Feel free to im me or post here if you need anymore insight in us.
  7. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    thank you soooooo much mblake81, you helped me alot
    i'll pm you my responce

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