"Scientists discover true love"

Discussion in 'True Love' started by evolove, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. evolove

    evolove Member

    I found this interesting and thought you all might like to read it too.

    "SCIENTISTS have discovered true love. Brain scans have proved that a small number of couples can respond with as much passion after 20 years as most people exhibit only in the first flush of love.

    The findings overturn the conventional view that love and sexual desire peak at the start of a relationship and then decline as the years pass.

    A team from Stony Brook University in New York scanned the brains of couples who had been together for 20 years and compared them with those of new lovers. They found that about one in 10 of the mature couples exhibited the same chemical reactions when shown photographs of their loved ones as people commonly do in the early stages of a relationship."

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  2. jackieizluv

    jackieizluv Member

    Oh my god that's really interesting! I guess my folks, when dad was still with us were pretty much like that. It was as if every day was their honeymoon! And I bet the sex was awesome too. Oh geez, to find that kind of feeling... =)
  3. funkadelix

    funkadelix Member

    My parents have totally lost it.
    My aunt and uncle are so in love (even after having four -- and possibly another coming! -- kids!). They've been together since they were 15! How perfect is that?
  4. jackieizluv

    jackieizluv Member

    Maybe pretty soon we'll be having true love pills out on the market. I wonder how the world and morality itself changes after that one. It'll be pretty chaotic methinks, if love were to literally go on sale!

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