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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by xDeceitfullyYoursx, May 3, 2007.

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    I'm looking to be an animator (Japanese anime, so I'll most likely check out colleges in Japan... as expensive as they may be = ='''), a novelist, or perhaps a History teacher.

    I'm not quite sure, but through browsing the 'net I just can't find that good of schools that I really want to go to. And I'm trying to stay as close to home (Washington state) as possible, just because of the money and the fact that my family would have major separation anxiety from their babv Dx

    So is there anyone that might be able to help me? Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, California and Utah are the states I'm focusing on, because... well, they're close. xD; If anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated!

    PS~ It'd be great if the school had some activity with transgenders/gays/lesbians as well. I don't want to get shunned because of what I am - that's lame. :/
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    omg!i hate taking animation as my major!!!!!!!!!That's really sucks!

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