school BULLCRAP!

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by jake1515, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. jake1515

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    me and a couple friends were talking in the hall before class, when the security guard "J" starts yelling in the lunchroom to go to class and there are many people in this room. then out of no ware she grabs my girlfriend suzi and yanks pretty hard on her arm enough to make her stumble and almost trip. thats when me and my friend paul get between them to because we think its wrong to single out one student and DRAG her to the office and we both were really pissed off at the security gaurd and then me and paul followed j and suzi to the office and waited with them. security guards start asking us if were drunk right away and i haven't toched anything yet today along with suzi but paul is on adderall but he is perscribed it and only uses it for that purpose. so because he was "on" adderall even for perscription they serched all three of us. paul and i didn't have anything we weren't supposed to, unfourtunetly for suzi, she had 2 pills of some adderall she was gunna only use if she needed to do homework and a small knife that my dad gave everyone we knew for christmas.

    the reason im so glad but still flustered....
    she could have gotten 2 felonys, along with being arrested, and she used to deal coke so she would have gotten locked up for a year even thou she has completly turned that drug life around which might be somewhat of the reason she got off so lucky, also if she were to get a felon i don't think she would really be able to get into colledge or at least it would be a lot harder. also her father did get a felon when he was young and he lost his job so there a lot poorer now then they once were because he was supposed to be a teacher but he is a cab driver now.
    other thoughts...
    why the hell did this get so out of hand? all we were doing is talking and a security gaurd singling out someone and 2 people getting angry about it turned into something that could fuck up and change a couple peoples lives for the worst
    people don't stop and fucking realize that maybe people have things under control even if they do smoke some pot after school get drunk once in a few months and might use a drug like adderall once in a while to help with school. there are people a lot worse than this in our area.
    =just venting someware and happened to be here post comments on what happened if you want=
  2. jake1515

    jake1515 Member

    all this happened today. man i need a bong rip! pce out its late and i got school tomoro.

    ps- it was a good hit
  3. paperairplane

    paperairplane Banned

    just go with the flow
  4. Gniknus

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    You should like sue the school for mistreating your girlfriend
  5. Hah, god, yeah, I completely understand you dude.
    School systems are such BULLSHIT.

    Like, two seconds ago I just got completely called out for nothing.
    This teacher lets people listen to iPods, right? I went and handed in my work and I had mine on, which I've done before with my iPod on.
    He said something and I said, "Excuse me?" because he mumbled and can't fucking talk correctly.

    He went completly asshole, he yelled, "You have to unplug that right now. You can't bring that to class anymore. I don't care who else is using them, YOU can't."

    What the fuck. Seriously? I didn't even do anything wrong. And the worst thing? I can't say no. He'll take my iPod. If I go to the administrators about being singled out, they won't do anything b.c technically we shouldn't have iPods.

    What teh fuck dude. What the fuck. I'm so pissed.

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