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    Anyone know of a good site full of info about Schizophrenia and Animism??
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    these ultimately are only maps, and we cant live on the maps treating them as real, the real is real, though there are many forms, i am realizing the truth sometimes sickness is very deep, the formed thought of better is an awakening of duality in itself, even words are alive and what presents meaninglessness or a blocked door one day may seem vey different as we realize more and more the truth which animates and moves us, the All, which invites and defies recognition and wording. The lowest is the highest as one finds with ones elders, and notions and acts of God, all are in the middle. We are all so similar those outliers sway us all, if they appear everywhere, would this not be the truth anyways, only too constant to be consciously seen by most? This evrythingness the meditator is called by, this wholeness, usually it can be seen even in obvious form approaching in a linear world, as beaming love, spiritual qualities, wonder and philosophical tangents, though the path seems unclear even all notions of these words are divinely assorted in the myriad random interpretations and their deeper manifestations, in unconscious eternal coitus we are ever with the true temple, which is consciousness and the fabric of the soul, which imparts grace of being with such wisdom that it is undeniable. So gathered before healing lasts, the systems of manipulation break away as undeniable spontaneous oneness occurs, in schizophrenia, one is called back by some ghost of unsettledment in the word, again like the words, zen uses this nd percieves the beginings of logic, 'this is happening because of' 'we have this understanding' foolishness and idiocy, but where one stands in relation to it, which is the energy of the eternal spirit being expressed just as the cycle of nature is called tao, when married to a person is called magic, the degree of personality and synchronicity is the difference, of course if one speaks as all speak... The universe, existence/experience is a language of the spirit..our poetries the heart of our beings, which make the joy of all the voice is insisting, this art, the way of truly knowing lasts forever and effects us always, that way which gies up explanation and simply is and does at one with the isness, this is ness
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