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  1. Neonate

    Neonate Member

    There...Im admitting it...i might be schizophrenic and i dont know what to do...:(...i have been smoking weed for about 2 years and i have done PCP and DMX and dramamine...also i've done codeine a lot and these are the drugs that i've done and they might be affecting this...i've had these feelings for more than 2 years and i just feel like i live in a dream and sometimes i wake up and realize that i am living right now...i am sometimes depressed and i've been smoking weed for 2 days now and today i felt that i wanted to run away and wake up from this head feels really weird when i get this feeling...i am really afraid that this whole thing might blow up right now and i will go crazy...i cant take this much longer and i really want something to help this...i've red a lot of information about schizophrenia and i've decided to stop all drugs right really afraid if i really do have schizophrenia and i will start to hallucinate and hear things and im really afraid :( im afraid of telling my parents that i want to go to a doctor and ask them to see what wrong with me and im really really afraid if this will go on more i will just panic and do something...i feel like im not in control of my body and i live in a dream...sometimes i "wake up" from this dream and understand that i am here right now living and i feel energy buzz in my head and all around my body like some sort of a chemical would be going around my body...what am i supposed to do? im afraid that if this will go further im going to lose it...:(
  2. go see the doc on your own.
  3. ShrOomie

    ShrOomie Member

    yeh i would go to the docter and if you have a problenm you need to come clean to your parents about this
  4. Orsino

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  5. I really don't think you have schizophrenia (sp?). Schizophrenia usually shows symptoms in your late teens or early twenties, and if you've had these feelings for two years (assuming your 15 now) this had to have been going on since you were only 13.

    That being said, you probably have a good deal of brain damage from doing so many drugs. PCP (angel dust--i.e. horse tranquilizer) is one of the worst drugs out there (not that I have to tell you that). Some drugs leave permanent effects. You are probably having these feelings and paranoias as a permenent result from these drugs. I agree with random--If you don't want to come clean to your parents, go see a psychologist on your own, or at least call some drug abuse hotline for some advice and information. I'm glad you've sworn off all drugs--your body doesn't need any more damage.

  6. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Reducing drugs would probably help a lot. And by the way what does (sp?) mean?
  7. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    (sp?) means not sure about the spelling

    i also say go see your doc, quit the drugs. give your system a rest for a bit. quit eating junk food (if you eat it). make sure you're getting enough omega 3 fatty acids (they're absolutely essential for mental health of all kinds). it's not unheard of for young kids like yourself to start showing signs of schizophrenia at a younger age, but typically it starts during the late teens/early twenties. You might just have a drug induced psychosis. Are there any schizophrenics in your family?
  8. Jesus~

    Jesus~ Member

    The weed , i've read, can bring on bad mental effects (parnoia being the most mild, to schitzofrenia being the worst) . But only if you have it in your system. The dopamine from it makes it activate.

    Or so i've read. Dont quote me or flame me.

    And i dont know about those other drugs at all. You should talk to someone, you are desroying your body.

    Someone loves you. :)
  9. Quit the drugs TOTALLY. Then go to the doc and often he can put you on some kind of medication until everything is totally out of your system and you have waited out the bad side effects. This is what I did and its worked. Wether you have temporary or permenant effects remains to be seen. :)
  10. hey man
    I tottaly know where your comming from, i felt like i was dreaming for the longest time, it still comes back, but not nearly as often. It was right after i did shrooms, n shrooms is kina like dreaming. But it really was crazy, its hard to put into words so im glad u know what im tlaking about more or less.. but id be walking home, and id get to right outside my neighborhood and think to myself, what do you bet i wake up and realize im at school still, then id think shit i am awake, then i wouldnt know where i was, and it was just like to hard to realize that this is real life, and i had no controll, and things would just phase in and out.. geeze but yah i heard things and saw things too, which really shouldnt happen from doing shrooms just once...its not like i burnt out or anyting. i dont think its schitsophrenia, but its deffinatly weird i agree, i dont know what a doctor could do about it, if its really the same kinda thing i had going on. if you were just on like a drug spree that could be why its happening,but i guess 2 years is a long time.... maybe call an annonomys hotline thing if there are any round where u live... so that way youll know if a doctor can do anything... lol but um keep me informed if ya find out what it is and stuff, cause id like to know too...

    peace n good luck.
  11. Neonate

    Neonate Member

    Thanks for all the replys...the feeling is not gone yet but i feel like it is going to a better direction...last night i talked to some person in my head and i started wondering why was i talking to this person and i realized that it is me that im talking to :( i saw weird dreams last night and i had hard time legs are cramping (is that how you spell it?) and my stomach feels really weird and i feel like puking...i went through everything last night and i came to this conclusion...i am gonna quit all drugs (im actually gonna go and throw my weed into the toilet after this message) and about the omega oil things...i've started eating those and i feel like those would help right gonna wait now for few days and see if this will go away and if it will i will be so just feeling really bad now and everything seems to be in a chaos in my constantly talking to myself and im trying to get rid of this by listening to music and watching some tv because when i can get my mind off from talking to myself i feel like going back to normal...i felt really depressed yesterday evening and i felt like now trying to keep myself from talking to myself...i really would need some people to talk to get my mind off from this but i really dont have any friends and im pretty much all alone except few people in the internet...
  12. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    you're not schizo... you're just crying for attention your parents never gave you. First it was the drugs, now it is this.
  13. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned


    this young hippies forum is always good for a laugh.
  14. Haha! I love you Pavel!! ;)
  15. Everyone talks tho themselves in their head.... dont they???
  16. Random Andy

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    Mate. I would re-post this in a grown up forum. No offence to kids but what are they gonna know about schizophrenia? I'm schizophrenic and, yeah, at first it felt very much like a dream, like you described. Later, once the treatment began, it was more like a nightmare. If I were you I would avoid treatment from psychiatrists unless it's a choice between that or death, you know? Take the omega 3's, they will sort you out. Anti-psychotics will fuck you up. If you can read I'd say you're maintaining pretty well. I was way too over-excited about everything to sit down and read. Umm, there's a guy on these forums called Willy Wonka who's just been diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. You may want to PM him or feel free to PM me.

    If you do need to seek treatment from a Dr. don't say anything that could lead him to believe you are suicidal. That will lead to all your freedom being taken away for the rest of your life. Not all of it for all your life but a lot of it for a lot of your life. You will be locked up in a mental hospital with a load of crazies "for your own good" and not allowed out. We, once we are diagnosed, are 2nd class citezens and it's tough. BE CAREFUL.

    Love and hugs man, you're not alone.
  17. Random Andy

    Random Andy Member

    Yeah but when you're schizophrenic you can actually here the replies and you can't control what the other person says. It's kinda weird.
  18. lespaulman83

    lespaulman83 Member

    shit man that's fucking up. but skitza...i can't spell it damnit *cries* lol....yea well that's liek when you have split personalities dude.

    dude that's spinning peace sign is so groovy man...
  19. i don't think you would know if you were a schizo unless a shrink told you or something
  20. Random Andy

    Random Andy Member

    Nah, it's not man. Have you been watching Me, Myself and Irene and thinking it was a documentary? The Truman show was about schizophrenia...

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