Schitzophrena Expresses Gender

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    Research uncovers key differences in brains of women and men with schizophrenia

    This is an amazing discovery in that it provides the first clear way to measure the mind and brain for scalar magnitudes and figure out how to tweak it like a radio receiver and prove there are four rudimentary types of consciousness that all overlap to some extent. Gender in the brain appears to express itself as syntax for the female, and grammar for the male, with grammar being derived from the proximity of syntax. The male is defined as less detail oriented and more reactionary, representing a neotenic tendency of the female to lash out. Toddlers will whale on each other with toy phones, and you could say this discovery expresses nature as insisting "No pain, no gain" rules even the female psyche, with the real distinction being how they decide when to take risks.

    Anyway, using simple mild EEG stimulation of their brainwaves, you can tweak your own brain if you want using a sort of AI biofeedback technique, to get whatever results you want. Schizophrenia more clearly reflects the collective decision making process of the unconscious mind, which is composed of a bunch of dumb cells, that can easily be encouraged to chill out or whatever, just by stimulating them mildly with the right feedback, just the way they like it. Instead of being totally at the mercy of your feelings or the use of drugs, you could put on a VR headset and become a complete bliss bunny, trip your brains out, laugh your head off, or use a Woody Allan style orgasmitron, because these all represent rudimentary aspects of how our cells organize in the brain and the body.

    What they represent is how we socialize and they imply there are four types of consciousness, with autism being one as well as schizophrenia, which can be thought of a natural way of seeing life differently. However, obviously even people who don't have delusions, have their problems, and this discovery could lead to the ability for a simple headset to reproduce things like hypnosis and meditation, because it should express how the brain works overall with the mind, and researchers are already documenting how different optical and auditory hallucinations are cross wired in the brain.

    With an advanced headset, the only limitation on what you want to think or feel would be your own personal limitations, and the headset can be used with AI to encourage you to explore them and physically "twiddle with the knobs" and get a feel for how to ride a bicycle and see the world differently. If you've never ridden a bicycle or a horse, practice builds confidence. The latest research has all indicated that our primitive brain stem insists on having just as much input on our decision making process as the frontal lobes. You could say each cell has limited input depending on its proximity, so your big toe can help make decisions, but often our brain can easily ignore our big toe due to it being so far away, making it all that much more important that the brain listen to it in an emergency.

    The brain itself is an exclusive club, with almost no pain receptors, because it has to keep its shit together in an emergency. Other parts of the nervous system are organized using the same fuzzy logic. Sending out pain signals can become counterproductive, just as rewarding anything and everything can. Goldilocks rules our subconscious mind, because she reflects the brain's lack of any ability to feel pain. She assumes nature is self-correcting and she will, hopefully, reproduce before she dies. Nature is self-correcting by virtue of the simple fact our cells keep gaining new and greater insights the larger the numbers they collect in and the greater the complexity of their organization, as if all they have to do is keep working together and cooperating in new ways, and they'll get there by dumb luck if nothing else.

    It can also be thought of as expressing the Peter Principle that its a law of nature that we are all promoted to our level of incompetence, because Occam's Razor is paradoxical and we all have an ego. Ego becomes, by definition, tautological and self-contradictory along with logic, but a necessary insanity to keep mother nature in line.
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  2. I read the article. I learned that schizophrenia presents differently in males and females. That was interesting, wooleeheron.
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    Schizophrenia doesn't exist. It's everyone else's delusion.
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    That's the joke, is that 42 is as good an explanation as any, and the only real question is how to promote harmony. Leave the academics to debate how many angels can fit on the head of a pin, but living life requires a sense of humor, and the problems with both schizophrenics and anyone else, can often be attributed to their lack of humor. Not only love, but bullshit makes the world go round, and explains how many of us are conceived.
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    Low brow slapstick.
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    I was a planned baby. :)
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    So like, you had everything sussed out?
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    Well my parents did. :)
    I was planned because my father wanted a son.
    So he kept planning and trying.
    He gave up after the fourth daughter. :tearsofjoy:
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    My mother dropped me on my head, proving the best laid plans of mice and men, depend on how hard your head is.

  10. That totally surprises me
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    I'm pretty sure I was also dropped on the head. The back of my skull has a big flat spot. If you rub it you can clearly feel the cylindrical shape turn flat, quite substantially before then continuing on with the curve.

    Nobody has ever said anything to me, but I think I must have been dropped on the head. :tearsofjoy:
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    The flat spot is from sleeping on it that way as a baby, which helps to prevent sudden death syndrome. You are possibly alive today, because you are a block head.
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    Good to know. I have a normal skull from a well informed parental upbringing. I thought I was just a dumb cunt because I was dropped on my head. Now I'm just a dumb cunt.

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