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Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by JustBob, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. JustBob

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    I need more ideas for a scavenger hunt I'm working on. Post or e-mail things to me that people will be able to take a digital picture of at a fest.

    Thank you for any help I get.
  2. tiki_god7

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    how about a naked person? or a topless girl.....

    a person in a heavy metal tshirt

    a girls hairy armpit

    somebody walking around carrying a big bud of some nice dope

    someone in a goofy costume
  3. JustBob

    JustBob Member

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    bump, please toss some ideas at me
  4. JamminOTR

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    Thoughts I had...

    A hotel key
    A footprint
    A peacock feather
    A yo-yo
    A sea shell
    A veggie omlet
    A mermaid
    Someone having their first incident
    A plane ticket
    A speed limit sign not ending in 0 or 5
    A Hair Brush
    A polo shirt
    A drum circle
    A member of the Jellyfish foundation
    Two dready kids making out on the grass
    An anti-war pin
    A pair of sunglasses...preferably 80's cop glasses
    A lucky penny
    A tattoo of a pink Jerry Bear
    A friend from high school
    A rose
    Devil sticks
    A show from '97
    Artwork by M.C. Escher
    A Band Member...any band, though preferably one of the barefoot boys
    A clown
    A "cheese head", and by that I mean one of those yellow cheese hats.
    Someone wearing a Yonder shirt
    A Conscious Alliance poster...not Hornings
    A red and white Hacky Sac.
  5. JustBob

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    thank you, thats the kind of stuff I'm looking for
  6. JustBob

    JustBob Member

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    This is the list I'm using for Wakarusa in Lawrens, KS.

    1. (5)Person hula hooping and blowing bubbles at the same time.

    2. (5)Person passed out in front of a stage while a band is playing.

    3. (2)A Juggler in action.

    4. (5 & 1 for each extra in the photo)A naked person or persons in a public area. extra points for more then one together.

    5. (5)Unauthorized vendor selling posters of any of the following artist:Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, or Bob Marley

    6. (5)Two dreadlocked festers laying on the grass making out.

    7. (3)A tie die(or is it tye dye) flag at a camp site.

    8. (5 & 2 if in VW van)A dready selling grilled cheese from camp site. Extra points if in a VW Van.

    9. (5)Unauthorized vendor selling flowers, beeds, or insence out of a basket.

    10. (8 ) A hippie with a name like:Sunshine, Freedom, Sugar Magnolia, Sunflower, or any other hippie name. Proof will be needed, like drivers licence in the photo.

    11. (5)Person wearing a heavy metal band t-shirt.

    12. (5)Person in a costume: clown, jester, playboy bunny....

    13. (3)Person with a yo yo.

    14. (5)Drum circle in camp sites.

    15. (5)An anti-war pin, shirt, or sign.

    16. (5 each) Tattoos:dancing bears, guitar, name or logo of a band playing at the fest.

    17. (5)Artist working(other then musicians):painters, someone drawing, someone doing crafts....

    18. (5)You posing with a member of a band. Needs to be a band that is playing on the main stages or revival tent.

    19. (7)Person wearing moccasins.

    20. (5)3 or more people playing with a hacky sack.

    21. (5)Person wearing a Derek Trucks Band T-shirt.

    22. (5)Person with an afro.

    23. (8)Tie Die paint job on any car.

    24. (9)A teepee.

    25. (5)Child dancing to music from a stage.

    26. (5)Child making crafts, painting, drwaing....

    27. (5)Person with a mullet.

    28. (10)License plate from a state that boarders an ocean. WA, OR, CA, FL, GA... Gulf dosen't count.

    29. (5)Bumper sticker on a car of a band playing the fest.

    30. (5)A wild animal in the park:Deer, coon, bunny...(no birds or fish)ok, maybe a duck

    31. (5)A picture of a sunrise at the fest. (no cheating with sunsets)

    32. (5)Person in grass skirt.

    33. (3)Person doing a hand stand.

    34. (3)Person in a hammock.

    35. (5)Person with a laptop in the camp sites.

    36. (5)Person waring ears, or devil horns.

    37. (7)Person with a mohawk.

    38. (5)Man is a dress, skirt, kilt...

    39. (5)Child playing an insturment.

    40. (5)Person with a guitar in front of a stage that is obviously not with the band.

    41. (5)Person in a tree.

    42. (5)Person with a kazoo.

    43. (5)Person spreading gliter(farie dust).

    44. (5 & 2 extra if gray)Guy with ZZ Top like beard. Extra points if beard is gray.

    45. (5)Person with face painted.

    46. (5)People doing Yoga or TaiChi.

    47. (3)Person wearing overalls.

    48. (2)The no Waka Shuttle.

    49. (5)Person in body paint.

    50. (10)You posing with local officer of the law in Uniform(Deputy, Lawrenc police, highway potrol)No security or safty guys. The officer also has to smile in the photo.

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