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    I found this online somewhere......

    “I will never forget the moment I opened the door of Hannah's nursery on a winter's night 13 years ago. The room was warm, but I felt a chill throughout my body - I sensed something was wrong. I looked into the cot and froze. My baby had died in her sleep, just two months before her third birthday.
    I felt shock, panic and a stabbing emptiness as well as anguish. Hannah had died from one of the hundreds of fits she suffered during her short life. My husband Tony and our three sons were devastated.

    But it was only after her death that they paid compensation, admitting that the brain damage she suffered was directly attributed to MMR. So what price do today's parents have to pay before anyone will listen?

    We didn't go to court because our daughter died. We had been trying for compensation for some time before because Hannah was very disabled and we wanted her to have some kind of financial security.

    She was suffering up to 40 fits a day, but we were told that it would take months or years before a decision could be made. But two years after she died, our case was heard and the link between her illness and MMR was agreed.

    Our nightmare began when Hannah was 18 months old, in October 1988. She had been due to have the single measles vaccine at 13 months but had a cold, so our GP and I decided it should not be given.

    I had no misgivings about my baby having the single measles vaccine, as my sons - now in their 20s - had all had it with no ill effects.

    I thought nothing of it at all. It seemed a good idea to get everything over in one go. She was fine after it - but a week later, she developed a very high temperature, and became very red in the face.

    I called the doctor out and asked him whether he thought there was any link with the vaccine, but he said this was highly unlikely and diagnosed her as having 'slapface syndrome' - a mild virus which causes a high temperature and a marked redness of the face.

    I gave her some Calpol to try and bring her temperature down and put her to bed. When I went to tuck the boys up, all was quiet in Hannah's nursery.

    But as I opened the door to look in on her, I could hear a strange noise and I froze - she was having convulsions and her eyes were staring and glazed.

    I stripped her clothes off and made sure she couldn't bang her head on the side of the cot and then called the doctor.

    He arrived minutes later. The doctor looked alarmed because she wasn't calming down at all, and suggested I take her to the hospital, which would be quicker than calling an ambulance.

    A neighbor drove us there and when we arrived, Hannah was rushed away for tests. It took almost four hours to stop the fits; then, heavily sedated, she stayed in intensive care for a week.

    The doctors said that they didn't think the vaccine had caused it. They explained that it was quite common for babies to have febrile convulsions when they had a high temperature due to a virus. There was no mention of the fact that she might be brain-damaged.

    Tony and I were terrified when we took her home, because she was just not right. She was jittery - having always been calm - and had stopped talking.

    I felt very frightened that she would have more fits, although she'd been put on medication to prevent them.

    Two weeks later, the fits started again. When a brain scan showed nothing, Tony and I embarked on a treadmill of hospital visits, including Great Ormond Street, in an effort to find out what was causing them.

    Blanks were drawn everywhere we went. Epilepsy was suggested, but there was no family history of it, or anything on the brain - such as a tumour - to indicate why she should have become epileptic. By then, Hannah was having anything from one to 40 fits a day, of varying intensity.

    Looking back, I don't know how I coped. I had the three boys to look after, too, and we tried to make family life normal. But how could it be? I never felt safe to leave Hannah for a minute. It was so stressful to see her suffer.

    Hannah was definitely not normal; she had been slow in walking even before having the MMR jab, but I was told that some children take a while to catch up and by the time she was two she'd be fine.

    Now, she was frankly backward. She had virtually stopped talking - the only word she ever said now was 'Mummy', which broke my heart whenever she said it, and she always had an unfocused look in her eyes.

    She was never diagnosed autistic, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.

    Over the 18 months that we tried to find out what was wrong with Hannah, I could see the doctors were bewildered.

    I did not mistrust any of them, even when I found out that a strain of the MMR being used in this country had already been banned in Canada. I truly felt that the doctors were unaware of this - but in hindsight, I'm not completely sure they were.

    As it turned out, the MMR vaccination was banned in Japan in 1992, and that country went back to single vaccines from then on.

    The day Hannah died everything had been perfect. We'd visited my sister-in-law who had just had a baby and Hannah seemed to be enjoying herself.

    That night, I went to look in on her and found her dead in her cot. She'd had a fit in her sleep.”
  2. I will never, never, NEVER be getting my kids vaccinated.
  3. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Those of you who have been on here a while have heard this before. But for the newbies....... My son received his first prevnar shortly after we adopted him at 5 1/2 months of age. The medical records we received showed no sign of respiratory problems or digestion problems. Within 2 weeks of receiving the shot, he had severe respiratory distress. Because it was an isolated incident they didn't want to say asthma. Two months later he had the second prevnar. Again, two weeks to the day he developed severe respiratory distress. This time they did call it asthma. He also began to throw up everything he ate. For six weeks he held nothing down. Within a short time he was on steroids, xopenex, and something else for the asthma and Zantac for the digestive problems. With all the medication he could breathe most of the time and could hold foods down. But he would have flareups on a regular basis. At nine months old he was on more meds than I thought one little one could be on. And they were testing him for cystic fibrosis. Someone finally suggested that we take him to a chiropractor. His pediatrician refused to write a referral and accused me of harming my baby. I fired the peed and found someone who would listen to me. He started seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. She suggested that we take him off wheat to allow his system to calm down. The day after we took him off wheat we were able to stop the zantac and he could hold his food down. A couple of months later she suggested we take him off milk. It's been over a year now since we have had any respiratory distress. No signs of asthma. And he doesn't throw up any more. Between his doctor and his chiropractor, they think the prevnar induced allergies in him that he did not have before. He has not had an immunization in a year and a half. And he's not having any more. He now eats wheat and other foods he was not tolerating before without any problems. I'm afraid to try him on milk. But he has eaten things that have small amounts of milk in them. So far no problems. By stopping the immunizations and giving his tummy and lungs time to rest and heal, he is okay now. We also gave him probiotics to help his system recovery. Who knows what could have happened to him if he had received that third prevnar. I'm glad I won't be finding out.

    Research, research, research before you immunize your children. Weigh the odds. I know what we faced. I can't imagine what would have happened if we gave him the MMR. Take care of your little ones and don't allow doctors who are paid by the drug companies to make such important decisions for them.

  4. willow83

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    wow! Thanks so much for sharing that....hearing things like this makes me really sad and ashamed of western medicine, but it also makes me more confident in my decision not to immunize. what is prevnar?? I haven't heard of that one???
  5. radmama

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    hello all.
    there are many sad stories. and i grieve deeply for all the mamas and their children that have experienced such things.
    i have been reading an homeopathic book. in there it contains homeopathic remedies to treat children before and after receiving an immunization. I will bring the book home from the midwifery clinic and share some of this with you all. Because i know that some parents do make the decision to have all or certain immunizations.
  6. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Prevnar is one that they usually give at 2, 4, and 6 months. It is supposed to help with ear infections. It's also called PCV.

  7. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    This is so sad. In our convenience oriented world, we may have brought worse on ourselves than a couple of illnesses. Again, like others have said, every parent NEEDS to do their own research, to decide. It really pisses me off that the schools can try to exclude your child, just because you have decided that certain vaccines are not in your child's best interest. There is MORE here than just "preventing disease" the big drug companies have a huge stake in vaccinating as many children as possible.

    Parents who have done their research should be able to decide what vaccines they feel are best for their children. Just like circumsision and formula feeding and letting babies cry it out, so many people just feel "well, I had this and I'm fine" without really investigating the real reasons some of these things are done and WHO benefits from making society think these things are the norm. Again, things like certain vaccines, circumstances where formula is neccesary ect may be the best for certain families, these decisions should never be taken lightly, and if undertaken, the parents need to be as mindful as possible when using them.

    Not for FOUR hours! How could a medical professional tell anyone a four hour seizure is "normal?"
  8. If I had children I would consider getting them vaccinated. The main reason is these vaccines do a good job in preventing some really dangerous diseses. Some of these diseses if it doesn't kill your child would leave them permenantly disabled. Considering the society we live in where travel is freely available it is dangerous not to vaccinate your kids. If the levels of people not getting vaccinating their kids get too low then an epidemic will break out. Then your child will have to be vaccinated under emergency government orders. Would you want that? Infant mortality has dramatically reduced since mass vaccination programs have been introduced. For those who think that modern medical science will save their kids if they get these illnesses just imagine your child on a hospital bed fighting for their lives with tubes and stuff coming out of them. Being pumped with antibiotics which are slowly losing their effectiveness due to over use. Mass vaccination was the medical technology that controlled these diseses. The facts speek for themselves. At the end of the day it is your choice not to vaccinate your child. Personally it is something I would not leave to chance.


    btw I am not saying this because I want to bump up the drug companies profits. In fact I think a lot of drug companies are a bunch of money grabbing fat cats. I hate the stuff they do. The fact that they sell dangerous drugs to the developing world and also set prices at a point that is unfair. But I am in the favor of removing some of the worlds most dangerous diseses.
  9. willow83

    willow83 Member

    Hi Barefoot surfer, I respect your opinions on vaccines, it is a very personal choice, but I just wanted to inform you on some of the things you said. I agreed with you until I started really researching for myself and found the statistics.

  10. This is something that gets my goat. People thinking MMR is the cause of Autism. This is clearly not the case. Anybody who knows anything about Autism will know this. What do I know about Autism? Well quite a lot actually. Having lived with the condition for the past 25-26 years. In case you were wondering yes I am Autistic. It is a complex disorder that nobody knows much about. It also has a cruel twist. That is called regression. This is why the finger gets pointed at MMR. An aparrently healthy child oneday becomes a wreck. I say apparently because the danger signs were always there. Luckly I didn't regress but I have a lot of the emotional problems that come with it. You will probably meet a lot more autistic people in your life with out to much of a second thought. Something that gets up my nose is people thinking autism is a plague and anyone with the condition must have it erradicated. Things are not as simple. To get rid of the autism is to get rid of me. Like most people who are born with disabilities we learn to accept it. It is a part of who we are. Any one into disability rights knows this. Disabled people want to be accepted as part of society not be excluded.

  11. willow83

    willow83 Member

    Ok, well thats your feeling on it, I don't really want to argue you....But I do suggest researching the subject. There is just too much evidence out there for me to agree with you.
  12. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Matt, I'm glad that you are doing so well with your autism. Most people don't fair so well. If you look at the research, you will see that there is a comparitive rise in the autism rate that coincides with the increased use of the MMR vaccine. There is a correlation. And no, no one wants to get rid of you or any one else with disabilities, but we do want to protect our children from developing disabilities that they don't have to get. That's why so many of us do not vaccinate. We don't want our children getting sick.

  13. LittleRedOne

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    If I had children i would never, EVER even consider getting them vaccinated!!! The MMR jab made my little brother have Asbergers Syndrom ( a mild form of autism ) and it's totally messed up his life, my parents took him out of school to be home tutored because he was getting so badly bullied cos of the way he talked and acted... I'd never wish that on anyone.
  14. Sarah Lee

    Sarah Lee Member

    Any tips on how to deal with the schools? I live in NJ and am not having many of these vaccines administered to my child when she is born. So how to deal with the state is the question.
  15. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    This is what I have found from Vacination Liberation for New Jersey. We have both a religious and medical exemption in this state. Some states also have a philosophical exemption. But we do not.


    Many parents have submitted religious exemption letters that have been rejected including my 20-page extravaganza. ( ) I am now recommending that this letter be used as a back up letter. Here is a substitute.

    In June of this year one family in Senator Martin's District 26 used my religious exemption letter and the Health Department rejected it because it was "too long." I do not think that legally this is an acceptable reason to reject, however, Sen. Martin's office was nice enough to call the Health Department in Trenton and ask what would be acceptable. According to Dr. Robert Morgan, MD, (pediatrician) Health Official in Trenton, the following was acceptable:

    Dear (School Nurse):

    I would like to have my daughter, (named), exempted from mandatory immunization because the administration of immunization conflicts with the practice of our religious tenets, i.e. my religious belief prohibits the injection of foreign ingredients into my body or that of my child. Thank you.

    This letter was accepted by Antonia Farrell, Public Health Rep. on July 29, 2003:

    This is to inform you that your religious exemption for your daughter will be accepted as long as you take out the letters/symbol "i.e." (for example) in the body of the letter.

    I informed the school nurse in reference to this. If you have any further questions, please call me at (609)588-7512 press 0. Just a reminder to please keep a copy for your files.

    Many of you have submitted similar letters and they too, have been rejected. This is bewildering, but there is good reason to persevere. Formerly religious exemption from vaccination was granted only to Christian Scientists in New Jersey, the law was amended in the early 1990's to include all religions so as not to be discriminatory. Also, formerly the Health Department used a form where parents could just "check a box" if they were exercising their legal right to a religious exemption. Unfortunately, as of late the Health Department requires a letter from parents. Unless the letter reflects the language of a Christian Science objection (refusal of all drugs and surgery), the letters are casually being rejected in violation of New Jersey statutes. Christian Science is not considered to be a mainstream religion and the Health Department would like to believe that only extremists would refuse vaccinations. The vaccine ingredients as portrayed in the package inserts are in violation of every religion's dietary law.

    Certainly, vaccinations are not Kosher (Leviticus). Some Catholic leaders in the US are finally supportive of Catholics opposed to vaccines including those containing aborted human fetuses. [See the Catholic religious exemption letter at:] There are also clear Biblical proscriptions against mixing animal and human blood (Ezekiel). Lastly, many Buddhists and Hindus do not eat meat. When an animal is slaughtered for food, the pain and suffering and fright experienced by the animal remain in the meat in the form of negative energy. Many religious groups find it undesirable to take this kind of energy into the body. Therefore, the animal parts from a tortured animal would be that much worse. In the case of vaccinations, we are not just eating the meat we are injecting it directly into the bloodstream.


    I would suggest the following:

    First, get the refusal and the reason for the refusal in writing. If you cannot, then recount the phone conversation in a letter. Send the letter with a note saying that your religious rights are being violated to (1) your three state legislators (free), (2) Edward Barocas, Legal Director of the ACLU (not-for-profit), and (3) Erik W. Stanley of the Liberty Counsel (also not-for-profit)

    Contact your three state legislators. if you do not know what district you are in, you can find out at or call (800) 792-8630. Legislators can intervene personally (this usually solves the problem!) If necessary, they can also arrange for a judicial hearing with binding arbitration.

    File a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

    Edward Barocas said that if parents are receiving letters from the Health Department saying that the religious exemption letters are not "good enough" he wants to see copies.

    It is illegal for the Health or Education Department to ask what your religion is. Mr. Barocas also said that you must be careful to say only things you really believe in for them to be able to defend you.

    He can be reached at : Edward Barocas, Legal Director ACLU

    P.O. Box 750, Newark, New Jersey 07101

    Tel: 973-642-6523

    Contact Erik W. Stanley at the Liberty Counsel. He wrote the following to me on June 18, 2003:

    I understand that you have been speaking with Rena from our office about vaccination exemption. After reviewing the information you have provided, I would suggest simply having people sign a statement that immunization conflicts with their religious tenets. I don't believe you need to provide them a whole packet of information because it tends to confuse the issue. Just a short and simple statement should be sufficient. If it is not, then we can go from there depending on the particular situation.

    I hope this information helps. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

    Erik W. Stanley, Litigation Counsel (407) 875-2100 (Phone)

    Liberty Counsel

    P.O. Box 540774, Orlando, Florida 32854

    Where in New Jersey are you? We have a wonderful peed in Mahwah who does not press the issue of immunizations. She would probably write a medical exemption for us but so far we have not needed one. Our son had most of his immunizations before we adopted him. We gave him a couple before he reacted to the prevnar. Since that time when the day care asked for updated records, I just wrote in the date of his last doctor's visit and wrote her initials. They have never questioned it. Now that he is in a private home setting it is not an issue. Since we plan to homeschool it won't be an issue for school either.

    Hope this helps,
  16. Super_Grrl

    Super_Grrl Crazy love

    LittleRedOne, I'm really sorry your brother has had it so tough. Children are so mean. However...I'm not trying to start something here, but MMR doesn't "make" people have Aspergers Syndrome. Tons and tons of people get MMR and are fine... you have to have the gene first. I'm not saying that MMR doesn't make the gene more active, or perhaps active sooner, but from the research I've done (and it's been rather extensive, actually) there is nothing out there that is saying that MMR "contains" Asperger's Syndrome.

    And hat's off to Matt... I think it's awesome that you're doing so well with your Autism. :) And you're right, no one knows what "causes" Autism...research continues!
  17. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Autism and Asperger's were here long before vaccines AND most kids who get the MMR do not develop these conditions, HOWEVER, there is a CORRELATION between children who were predisposed to neurological problems, got the MMR, had a bad reaction and developed Autism or AS. There are other ways to develop these neuro conditions, but it CAN and does increase the risk in some kids who are already vulnerable. (not all, but some.)

    Matt, you are doing a good job handling your condition. It is a difficult condition to deal with and you are to be commended. It may well be true that an MMR was not the root of your personal situation.

    Our neurologist (actually 3 of them) substantiated that although Tourette's and ADHD runs in my dh's family and Sunshine may well have developed it anyway, the MMR vaccine and the reaction she had to it (and maybe the Pertussis reaction as well) was ONE of the "neurological insults" which caused the syndrome to hit with such ferocity in our child.

    One thing you can do, the MMR, and several other vaccines contain aborted fetuses. No matter what you view on choice is, NO school is going to refuse entry of your child if you refiuse these vaccines because you say you object to aborted fetuses being used in their manufacture. This is not an issue that the drug companies want you to know about (I'll get documentation later, I have to get Sage up for school) but the schools aren't going to argue with you, if they think you are going to put up a fuss and start talking about them forcing you to inject your baby with aborted fetuses!

    I have also found that the shorter and more to the point a letter is, the more effective it will be. Kathi, while I am sure your 20 oage letter contained a LOT of good information, that the schools probably were simply not aware of, it was probably not even read. I have learned, with 13 years dealing with the public school system that letters have to be succinct and short and to the point. (I am going to go to the site and read your letter, too, I am interested. I am sure you had a lot of good things to say! :) )

    I use a one and a half page letter along with a doctor's note with a Medical Exemption for some of the vaccines my kids have been medically exempted from. The doctor wouldn't exempt ALL the vaccines I wanted, so I in short, supply the fetus info, along with our Religious Exemption and leave it at that. It has worked so far.
  18. Dakota's Mom

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    Sorry for the confusion Maggie. I was quoting another article that I found online. I didn't write a 20 page letter. I haven't written any letters of exemption at this point. Since our son is now in a private inhome setting and not in day care, it's no longer a problem for us. And since we're planning to homeschool, it won't be a problem.

    The article I qouted did say that the shorter the letter the better off you were for exactly the reason you cited, it won't even get read if it's too long.

  19. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Oh, I'm sorry Kathi, I misread your post.

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