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Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by terrapinchasin, May 21, 2004.

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    If you live in the DC area, this guy is looking for a companion to travel with. Wish I could drive, i'd go!

    BONNAROO ticket $1.00, no joke, no strings, no hidden trap door - $1

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    Date: 2004-05-19, 12:48PM EDT

    Music fanatic needed.

    If you’re itching to do something adventurous, if you’ve been waiting and ready to hit the road, if you’re into String Cheese or Wilco or the Dead, Dylan or Femi Kuti or Yo La Tengo or any artist appearing at Bonnaroo next month, and if you’re willing to drive and camp and discuss some cool ideas and keep your eyes open, this message is for you.

    Here is a free ticket for a traveling companion. I need to leave on Wednesday June 9th from DC heading south and west to the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. Three days of continuous major music acts follow. Check them all out at Come back either Sunday evening (June 13), or stay crashed out at the festival and come back the following Monday (June 14). We’ll be camping as a group of eight.

    I’m a native D.C.’er, Artist (painter), self actualized, creative spirit, with clean professional exterior.

    I have the new safe car & tent, but don’t like to drive much. I’d really like to travel with maybe a photographer or a video artist or somebody creative who might use the experience to make some modest expression of self which other people might call art. I’d like this person to be able to drive a little, and to engage in some intelligent and imaginative conversation. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag and a little cash for some food, I’ll provide the rest.

    Sorry no cigs, please no jerks…

    Send a note and we’ll set up to meet each other.

    Peace out

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