Sassafras Tea

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  1. Anybody here familliar with sassafras tea? I'm looking for a recipe on how to prepare it. Also, anyone aware of any psychoactive effects? I heard somewhere along the lines of a stimulant, light amphetamine-like buzz due to the safrole. Any information would be greatly appreciated friends! thanks. (Oh, and I'm well aware of the supposed carcinogenic properties of safrole.)
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    step one: find a grove of sassafras trees.

    step two: dig up several roots. The roots will smell strongly of "root beer" if cut or bruised...this is important.
    step three: clean the roots the "whittle" them into shavings. Some people use just the root bark but I use the entire root.
    step four: boil the root chips in water until the water turns a bright red.

    Sweeten and drink hot...there is no high at all but it tastes great.

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