sartres sweaty nutsack

Discussion in 'Existentialism' started by ronald Macdonald, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. can anyone tell me why sartre called his philosophy, existential philosophy. What does existential mean - not existentialism dont define that, define existential for me
  2. I've heard that Sartre rejected "ism's" because they placed his philosophy in a particular camp. He never embraced the term "existentialism" or called himself an existentialist. I'm not sure how simply "existential" would be a lot different, though.
  3. Bizarre title, by the way.
  4. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    existentialism deals with the subjective experience of existing as a seperate entity interacting with the world.
  5. fexurbis

    fexurbis Member

    I would enummerate a few points, but I feel just as lazy as you. So I'd say if you really want to know, you should get over your laziness and read...

    But I suspect your thread has an ulterior motive...which is it? Pray, tell me.
  6. lovejanisandgrace

    lovejanisandgrace Estimated Prophet

    existential: to rebel against conditions of existence. And he didn't call his philosophy existentialism, the label got applied to him by his successors, just like plastic bagism sid.
  7. godhaunt

    godhaunt Banned; that's a good painting; but Sartre's "The Condemned of Altona" was rather erroneous to those other paintings.

    The wanderer shall find His Place of Acceptance before Paradise.

    Hey, babe. (Those Nazi's feel good that they did not offend with wrong. They felt righting with wrong.)
  8. Tuesday'sDead

    Tuesday'sDead Banned

    Yaa..ah; Death to Democracy. Death to Russia. Death to ...

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