San Pedro Near Geometrizan

Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by Delojah, Feb 23, 2017.

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    I wasn't sure where to find the recent cacti conversations so I'll try to start one.
    If a San Pedro and geometrizan are growing/flowering next to each other can they cross pollinate (or hybrid) and affect the Pedro's quality or the quality of new seeds that drop? Not sure how to word that.
    I figure I'll keep the trichs apart from other strains to avoid any species mixing. Or not
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    sad the SP and LW topics have just died out so much..

    cant help you my friend..
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    Trichocereus and M. geometrizan cannot cross pollinate, as far as I know. They are not in the same tribe (cactus family wise). Trichocereus can be cross breed with Echinopsis and a few others.

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