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Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by Sensei, May 26, 2007.

  1. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    I know San Pedro potency varies a ton, but what is a good dose to do? A friend has 3 kilograms on the way. He will pry split it into 6 doses, making 500 grams a dose. What say you?

    "San Pedro Cactus Odd Ball Sale. These San Pedros are various odds and ends sizes. Some are rooted , some are fat, some thin, some tall, some short, some tip cuts, some center cuts. They're not perfect, but they are a great deal. Sold by weight."
    35 bucks all told, free shipping, making like 6 bucks a dose at the above amount.
  2. ghost of rat

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    dont know about weight.
    bbut most people say 12-15 inches is enough for a trip,- not true says I.
    12-15 inches might be a good dose for a san pedro that was grown in good conditions in its native south america. Most cacti that are grown in cities and different climates are weaker. i suggest 20 inches for a good trip.
    But yeah it varies ALOT. i recently had a san pedro experience on 20 inches and it was a weak trip. Its also how you prepare the cactus. i suggest drying it and powdering it such as the method i described here
  3. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

  4. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    Yeah roughly 500 grams is about right sensei, for a medium strenght trip. I've done as little as 300 grams and got pretty light but still full effects, OEV's gallore but nothing too fancy, and I've done as much as 1.2Kg which was deffinately very aggressive (for lack of a better word), and slightly uncomfortable. Our usuall dose is 600g and after a good bit of experimenting I find that to be the best dose. Not so strong that you can't relax if you want to, but deffinatley strong enough to make it worth your time.

    P.S. all weights there are fresh cacti weight before drying, removing skin, removing needles and removing cores.
  5. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    thanks. It arrived in two cacti sections. I think he'll brew it tomorrow, and drink it wednesday.

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