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Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by GlowingStorm, May 14, 2004.

  1. GlowingStorm

    GlowingStorm Member

    My name is John (20 till May 20! :) ), I am from Philly but I am stayin in San Fran at 555 Haight until the May 22. I came solo since I could not find anyone to accompany me from the east coast. IF THERE IS ANYONE IN SAN FRAN THAT WOULD LIKE TO PARTY AND SHOW A PHILLY KID A FUN TIME WHILE HE IS SAN FRAN by PARTYING (SMOKIN or DRINKIN) or showing me the spots around the city please call 484 - 824 -5019 :D I would be so wonderfully grateful for an insiders view of the city... please call though b/c i will not be checking this post again, since i have no internet where i am staying.

    pece and love

    PS: I plan on driving down rt to north-central CA region, and I'll be goin to shows while in the city, plus i plan on going to the drum circle in golden gate park on saturday. I hope somebody calls peace :)

    PPS: I promise im not a weirdo :D just a kid lookin to have fun on his trip to the best city in the country
  2. Brad2571

    Brad2571 Member

    What is 555 Haight?
  3. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    555 Haight Street is an address (between Fillmore and Steiner) in a district that is either referred to as the Lower Haight or the Lower Fillmore. With a stretch of the imagination it might even be considered part of the Western Addition.

    I love San Francisco, but I live in Los Angeles County. Enjoy your visit and do let us know how you liked it :)
  4. MamaTheLama

    MamaTheLama Too much coffee

    Nice address...why dont you walk outside? ;)

    I hope that's not the apartments owned by the landlord with the
    "no dog, no dog in apartment, too many people, too many people in apartment,you go now" speech.
  5. GlowingStorm

    GlowingStorm Member

  6. I want to go to San Fransisco!

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