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  1. check.

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    i dont remember how i found the site, but i paid $17 for a gram of 10x... thats a lot of money for me cause i dont have a job and i dont think i'll be getting one soon, so yeah, i was just wondering if this site is legit. i did a little research a minute ago and i found some stuff about people saying it was shit, but i also heard the opposite. it also seems it just takes a while for it to come...

    i would get some from another place but i am so short on cash and i dont want to spend more money especially if this stuff will come anyway. like i dont need 2 grams anyway. i ordered it like last week so i know it'll be a while cause its in canada.

    edit: i just got an email saying they got my money order and will be shipping it soon.

    i guess if i get it, should i trust them in the future? or does it seem like they're unreliable?
  2. --- best salvia ive ever had. VERY reliable, a gram of 10x standardized is $15. i dont know anything about the site you mention.
  3. PsyGrunge

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    $17 for a gram of 10x?!

    I picked up some 20x for £15..

    Work out the currency conversion, and you're blatantly getting ripped off;

    then again, prices vary from source to source and I went to a hed shop as opposed to buying online.
  4. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    Link fixed and yeah that site is very reliable, never had a problem with an order from them, if anything they've given me more than i asked for. Also you can get a sampler pack from them that has a gram of 5x,10x,20x, and a 1/2 ounce of plain leaf for $30. (at least you could a month ago not sure if they still have it)

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