Salvia Quid - those who have tried or know a lot about, please answer.

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by CherokeeMist, Jan 23, 2009.

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    i am extremely interested in the visionary effects of salvia, but i'm off put by the horror stories of smoking it.

    i want an immersive psychedelic experience but not something like the rapid mindfuck and completely erratic behaviors expressed while on salvia.

    so, for those who have done a quid- do you "lose control" like you would while smoking? do you get completely ripped from reality and lose all ability to function? or is it more like mushrooms, where you can walk around and talk and control yourself, you're just in a different state of mind.

  2. Well personally, I never really "lost control". My trips have always been this weird tingling in the core of my body that would expand then things would get a little strange, heavy limbs, etc. But then again, I've never had much luck with "losing control" on drugs. Something's wrong with the way I metabolize drugs.

    The only time I really had a nice big ol' trip off it was when me and a friend gravity bonged it. Again, I didn't go into orbit with the planets and shake hands with Sally D. in a vortex of nothingness. After I took the hit, I got up, walked inside, sat on the couch, took a deep breath and then everything in my sight, individually, not as a whole picture (if that makes sense), started to curve to the left. Every object, not everything at once. Then I felt as if my body was being sucked to left. After that I forget what happened.

    I had, though, been around 4 or more people who lost control.

    One was down the shore. A friend took a big bong hit of it with the torch kept on it the whole time, blew out, immediately got up, stared a while, then ran out the door and started shouting non sense.

    Another was in a parking lot. He smoked it the same way and as it was still in his lungs he managed to get out "Wow, I can feel myself getting hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......" then we quickly took the glass from him and watched as he acted as, quote, the village drunk in an early Irish novel. He staggered around, drooled, shouted nonsense and sat down and started pulling grass out of the ground. God only knows what happened in his head. He later told us that his vision was skipping, he went black for a while and experienced a feeling of oneness with everything.

    Then the other one was the kid I took the grav bong with. He just ran upstairs and came back down later after he was grounded and just shook his head like he just watched all his friends get executed, and said, "Probably should never gravity bong that shit ever again."

    Then we took acid and made everything better :cheers2:

    Hope that answers your question. I think everyone should try it just to experience it. It isn't harmful unless you try to harm yourself. It could be a little scary at times but fear is good. Toughens ya up. If you're interested and think you're ready, I think you should give it a shot. It only lasts 15 - 20 minutes anyway

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