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  1. darkstaff

    darkstaff Member

    Greetings! Obviously I am new.

    I just have to ask for one thing first. I will be posting infrequently, at least for awhile. I have to share access to the internet for now with some very time-greedy people. So I ask for patience in the returning of responses on this forum.

    That said, I am looking forward to really checking this site over. I am intrigued by the diversity of the subjects available to peruse.

    I fully believe in freedom of speech. I abhor cencorship of virtually any kind.

    Having said this, I believe that one should be a responsible person also. It is a matter of tact and respect as to what I say, or what I do. I attempt to be mature in responses and in my rants. (I am good at ranting)

    I have also been known to resort to using my foulest potty mouth in dealing with some issues. I detest the ignorant for one. I will become very vocal around the ignorant. Sometimes to the point of looking very ignorant myself. A nice notification is all it takes to set me straight. I expect I will hear a few of these.

    I also do not assume to know everything myself. I will ask if I do not know the answer. How else can I learn the truth if I do not listen to all forms of truth and form my own view.

    I plan on giving and receiving respect on all topics. I will state my opinions, argue my opinions, but in the end you will believe what you want anyway. I simply seek knowledge.

    I practice the art of Shamanism. I am Neo-Pagan in my world and religious views. I am apolitical and I think for myself. You will find I have very Liberal views on some things and very Conservative views on others. Some things I reserve the right not to say anything until I have enough information. I have been called old-fashioned and a forward thinker. I call this diversity me.

    I am through with my intro. I will be posting soon enough.

    Once again I ask for patience until my internet access gets sorted out.

    Peace, Darkstaff


    PSYCHEDELICA MAN The psychman

    hello darkstaff,welcome
  3. Dudley Do Right

    Dudley Do Right In Your Head

    Hey there Darkstaff;
    Look forward to some mental sparing with you....Welcome to The Hip Forums....Allow me to extend the welcome mat….I know what it’s like to be a newcomer….You don’t really know what to say or how to act….Read some of the threads so you can get the gist of what topics are being discussed….When you feel comfortable jump right in and get your feet wet….Nobody here is going to "Flame" you (unless it’s necessary) lol….We get some assholes here who just want to stir up bad vibes and there have been several (they will remain unnamed).…From what I’ve found so far is that we are one big family with many brothers and sisters….Once again the doors open come on in, open up your heart and mind, put on some groovy tunes, kick back and stay awhile….Peace, Love & Great Big Hugs….DDR


    Quote of The Day
    Frank Zappa: "Stupidity has a certain charm, but ignorance does not."

  4. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Hey there, and welcome to the forum. I'm Lauren :)
  5. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    welcome :)
  6. darkstaff

    darkstaff Member

    Thank you all so far for the welcomes! As I've said, it will be awhile til my next posting, probably not until next weekend or so.

    I have read some samplings from many of the forums and I am truly interested. I look forward to all future discussions.

    Adios and peace!

    I figured I'd start out brave and put a pic of me on here, so you all can gander my visage.
  7. NightRose

    NightRose idiosynractic rose

    WELCOME TO THE FORUMS. have fun!

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