Discussion in 'Psychic' started by RainyDayHype, May 28, 2013.

  1. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    I'm burning some sage and I really love the smell. I would say it's my favorite smell or in my top three. Anyone else? I find I associate it with camping and rainbow gatherings and venice beach drum circles. Someone always seemed to be burning sage at those places..and the scent alone can bring me back to happy times. Do you associate the smell with anything? What does it make you think of?
    It is also just a very cleansing scent and brings well being and delight to my senses and spirit..
  2. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    i think of a couple nice places i've found it growing - one was the
    canyon of the Rio Grande in north New Mexico , of a flute song ,
    a hot spring , conversing with a Taos Pueblo elder . i like to crush
    the fresh sprig in my hands and rub into my skin and hair . to breathe ,
    to breathe , and all is well ...

    hippies who think to go round the circle smudging everyone i only
    just tolerate . i'd rather have a small piece of that sage to chew
    on .

    the smoke seems too extreme , as though i wouldn't mind its blessing
    if we were feeling very sorrowful together in the wild .
  3. skitzo child

    skitzo child PEACEFUL LIBRA

    I love the smell of arabic gold insense doesn't bring back memories but love the smell
  4. skitzo child

    skitzo child PEACEFUL LIBRA

    Insense is the shit
  5. Jo King

    Jo King wannabe

    I love the smell of sage
  6. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    The sage I remember smelled like weed .
  7. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    I would love to be around someone using smudge sticks made of sage that are used when cleansing. I've never had that opportunity. Personally, I use rubbed sage (bought from a store) for cleansing as needed, and I quite like the smell. In fact, I like the smell of it a lot better than many brands of incense I've tried. (All of them, actually.)

    I find the smell of "plain" garden sage rather strong...but I grow some Russian sage and I really like its smell. It's also been a strong perennial for me. Somehow the R sage smell is sweeter(?). At summer's end/harvest time I always dry some for use in cooking and "stuff".

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