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    ryzen 2 benchmarkes - Bing video

    The Ryzen 2 processor is finally here and one reviewer reluctantly admitted this was the first processor he had ever reviewed that it seemed pointless to overclock. The improvements to this chip over the original include the ability to use more pcie lanes for things like M.2 drives or for downloading things online, while playing a video game or whatever. In that sense, this is the first truly flexible version of ryzen capable of being used for any number of different purposes and leveraging all of its cores for any task. Of course, the real reason for even thinking about buying one is that Intel's equivalent alternatives cost as much as an additional $500.00, while this one chip can do pretty much anything an average user might want.

    When Nvidia's Ampere video card finally comes out on the market that should drive prices down considerably and provide the last piece of the puzzle video gamers have been waiting so long for, an affordable graphics card capable of rendering VR and other demanding applications including real time ray tracing. By next year I expect graphics cards to take another leap forward as AMD jumps on the bandwagon with their own infinity fabric connecting multiple smaller chips that are cheaper to manufacture. Within five years we should see similar power in a graphics card costing as little as $200.oo while, in ten years, this is roughly what an average new laptop should be capable of doing.

    Essentially, the same amount of power required for rendering great graphics approaches the power required to produce them in the first place, due to economies of scale. The ability to render the same graphics using fewer resources always lags behind the advances in hardware by as much as a decade or more, but the two are converging within AI circuitry today, with chips increasingly adding analog circuitry piece-meal because they don't have a clear grasp of the technology quite yet. Within a few years, a PC gaming rig capable of real time ray traced VR, roughly 26tf should cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500.oo and cream just about any video game on the market today.

    Ideally, you want a 16 core processor and a 40tf or better graphics card all crammed onto a single chip with perhaps 64gb vram. Progress is being made with cheaply manufacturing exotic cooling methods that would allow manufactures to stack over a hundred such chips on top of one another for a small supercomputer the size of a thumb drive made from older chips even.
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