Ry's Karma: "But why do you want to be like those white people?"

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Rayan, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Hows it goin guys / gals... I've kind of been a drifter on the Hip Forums, but i've kinda got to like this place, so decided to make it my home - at least for a bit.

    Welcome to my Karma.

    I dont know why, but I have to admit - I quite like the idea of detailing random stuff about my life to a bunch of complete strangers. In some ways I just wana get things off my chest. At the same time I s'pose I'm interested in knowing what people really think - so feedback I s'pose!

    Now I reckon 99% of you clicked on this thread coz of its controversial(ish) title. The other 1% didn't realise they clicked on it. But let me explain. First a little about myself.

    I'm 23 and from London Sidez. Whats more I'm an Iranian Prince (Of a sort) which means society had two expectations of me. 1) I'd grow up to be either a doctor, lawyer or engineer (or anything else that can roughly fit into this category. E.G a Business Consultant for example would be adequate, as they use computers, and computers are engineered, therefore I'd be an Engineer). 2) I'd need to get married and start a family with a girl of Royal Blood as soon as I graduate.

    So the thread title: I've always been a free thinker and wanted to do my own thing. I gotta admit, I've defo never been 'hippy inclined' (Not too sure what that exactly means) but I've defo never been Persian Royalty inclined either. The Thread title was a common saying to me as a kid from my Father and Mother, Uncles and Aunties, and anyone remotely older than me lol. I assure you however, that it was in no way intended as racist. It was just something that they used to prevent me doing 'white' things according to persian blood: Smoking, Drinking, Gambling, Shaggin Around... Smoking (again)'. I gotta admit if thats the definition then Im basically white now <Ry takes a pull of his cigerette>.

    I like bein persian, I love my family, I love having a royalty title. Thats the honest truth. So is the following: I hate being told what to do - I hate having to do things because its expected of me. I wanna smoke and Hell I dont wanna get married (at least yet!)

    So just a little about me:
    23, From london sidez but went to University in Leeds (Leeds Uni). Midway through that I moved to Portsmouth to work for IBM for a year, after which I was back in Leeds. Now I'm in Newcastle doin a masters in Business & International Management. And looking for a job!

    I'm a free thinker - I'm a deep thinker - I'm damn creative in my thoughts. So much so infact that I've wanted to write a book - but I've always had writers block. Writing this paragraph has even taken me 10 minutes and numerous times or keeping my finger on the delete key!

    I'm a remix Artist. I love RnB / Hip Hop n Rap, but im finding Radio 1 type stuff appealing to me more n more - so pretty eclectic! check out a few of em: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rayan83

    I'm a good guy - and without sounding arrogant I know I am. I always kinda look out for others n make the effort to make sure I dont hurt anyone. At the same time, I can take the piss and have jokes with most ppl. Sarcasm rocks! hehe. I got loads of mates rom up n down the UK and like to go clubbin now and again! Aint got an other half at the moment - but who knows wots around the corner eh? ;o) My last GF and I were pretty serious until it all went tits up. Kinda enjoyin bein single but its running thin. Ah wells ;o)

    Anywayz, thats me and probably the longest post I've ever done.... ever!

    Feedback would be great, will post again


  2. CrucifiedDreams

    CrucifiedDreams Members

    Welcome. :)

    What's it like being a prince? ;)
  3. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Hey Crucifieddreams - I just finished reading your karma - which made me wanna start this one!

    Being an iranian prince really isn't that much of a big deal in the western world as it is in the MidEast.
    It has its good points but it can really be limiting too. Ceremonies can be a bit gay at times. People end up kissin my hand sometimes which is not only disgusting but uneeded, especially coz they can smell benson & hedges silver. In many ways it doesn't affect my life - but at the same time, I have to fight to do what I want which sometimes upsets my parents.

    Its more fun being a student! Tho not at the moment when I've got loads of essays to do. Really shouldn't be dossing on HipForums. But then again, who the hell wants to write an essay about Economic Globalisation!

  4. CrucifiedDreams

    CrucifiedDreams Members

    Glad I could inspire you to do this. :)
    Cool title to have anyways, I suppose.

    What are you studying to be?
  5. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Graduated from the University of Leeds in Information Systems last year

    Now i'm doing an M.A in Business & International Management

    So nothing remotely exciting i'm afraid. hehe

  6. CrucifiedDreams

    CrucifiedDreams Members

    What's your dream?
  7. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Welcome to the forums :) So, how were you related to the Shah, and is there a lot of bitterness towards Khomeini in your family? Any ambitions to return to Iran and topple the theocracy by the sword or possibly the power of rap?
  8. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    You really don't waste any time do you, Peace?!
  9. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    Welcome Rayan,

    I'm interested in going to Leeds University, can you tell me a bit about what it's like... the city, the uni etc?
  10. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    My Dream -

    I want to start my own business that will one day make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. :D

    However, I really want to spend a year somewhere in Africa or Palestine and provide hands on help to those who need it. Whilst I'm there I want to document everything that happens everyday - producing a documentary. That would truly be a dream.
  11. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Hey Peace-Phoenix

    I certainly wasn't expecting this - but here we go! hehe. The shah and my Father are paternal 1st cousins. Theres a hell of a lot of bitterness towards A. Khomeini but at the same time, this generation is changing. My views on the issue is one that makes me sound like a rebel in my family but that certainly isn't the case. Although I see where the bitterness towards Khomeini comes from (and DO understand) I still feel that what the world saw back in 1979 Was Truly Democracy taking place. Surely, that is the greater good?

    Liberalism & Pro Choice all the way - whether for an individual or for a nation.

    Cool picture too. God Bless Palestine!
  12. CrucifiedDreams

    CrucifiedDreams Members

    Hey, I want to go to Africa to help too, and photograph it all to show the world. :)

    What's your favourite food? :D
  13. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    An interesting point of view for a relative of the Shah and I definitely agree with you. The 1979 revolution was largely a pro-democracy movement, comprising a diverse range of groups from the secular liberals and leftists to the radical Islamists and supporters of Khomeini. Sadly, following the revolution, Khomeini was adept enough to manoeuver himself into a position of power and stifle the more liberal voices within the revolution. Needless to say, bitterness towards Khomeini is understandable, but it is also entirely understandable to oppose both the Shah and Khomeini. Iran's a wonderful society, rich in culture and history, and there is a strong liberal movement in the country. It is when the West makes its threats against Iran that the conservatives win out. To oppose Bush's hawkish aims is not to support the theocracy, but ultimately to call for the victory of the liberal voices....
  14. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    Hello Rayan:)

    What's the silliest thing you've ever done?
  15. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Do you consider yourself particularly religious? I'm half-Pakistani myself by the way, though was never brought up in any strictly Muslim way....
  16. phoenix_indigo

    phoenix_indigo dreadfully real

    Welcome to the forum Rayan! It's always good to see a new face around.

    You have quite the bio there I must say.

    So, a couple of questions...
    As you are into music, what musicians inspire you?

    And as you are an aspiring writer with permanent writer's block ... what books do you like to read? (ones you don't have to for Uni) are there any particular authors you ultimately turn to over others?
  17. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Hey Fountains of Nay

    Leeds University has been the most applied to University for a fair few years now - and thats because its one of the biggest, and liveliest universities. Theres over 30,000 students who go to Leeds Uni alone, plus another 20 odd thousand who go to Leeds Metropolitan so that certainly makes it a very student city. The University Campus is massive and very green - and its not often you see a Full campus directly next door to the city centre.

    The Union is big - two nightclubs, 5 Bars, loads of shops and again its all on campus. Theres some great services like LS:TV or LSRFM and the Leeds Student Newspaper which are great media and utilised by the students.

    Leeds often rates highly on the league tables but it depends on what you want to do.

    I personally loves Leeds Uni - The university alone and its opportunities gave me the chance to get involved in so many things, including documentary production, Radio DJ'ing, Loads of Protesting (Leeds University Students Union is VERY Politically charged) and a gazillion other stuff.

    The city has loads to do. Theres even a cinema thats open all night (Very small tho!) but that gives you an example of whats available any time of the day.

    SU Price of a Beer: £1.70
    Standard Student Night Price of a Double Vodka Redbull: £2.50

    Best Student places to go: Evolution, Creation, Oceana, Baja, Fruity on Fridays

    Also Check out: Sahara Shisha Cafe, Milano's Pizza, Leeds Metropolitan Beckets Park Campus (Damn beautiful campus)

    Hope that helps.

  18. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Well I would have said chocolate - but damn i've eaten far too much of it today!

    I'm well into Thai Food... mmmmmm!

  19. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Crashed at full (reversing) speed into my housemates car - whilst he was at the front door of our house watching.

    Not very clever :eek:(

    Remember kids - Back windows need to be clean for a reason!

  20. Rayan

    Rayan Member

    Hey Peace-Phoenix

    Again, an interesting question!

    If i'm completely honest, I'm not religious at all - but at the same time I believe in God, Believe in the Mono-Theistic Religions, and believe that Mohammed (pbuh) was the last prophet, and that Ali was the first caliph. I know enough about religion to know that I believe in this because I truly believe it, not because i was brought up believing it.

    Does that Make me muslim on this set of beliefs alone? (Coz thats as far as my muslamicness goes)


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