Russia says UK led ‘staged’ Syria gas attack

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Aerianne, Apr 13, 2018 at 8:23 AM.

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    Oh ok, so the proof lies within PRs justified logistics on global policy, politics and foreign affairs. :tearsofjoy:
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    This evening's part of the thread has been brought to you by the word: Demonize.
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  3. hotwater

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    Russia has troops deployed throughout Syria.

    If you nuke Syria and kill thousands of Russian Soldiers it would be considered an act of war and Russia would retaliate with a measured response
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    Proudly brought to you by personal opinions. :D
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  5. wooleeheron

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    The idea either the US, Russia, or Syria have a well informed electorate and free press is absurd. Whenever nobody is doing anything other than making noise, the Big Lie is as good as anything else even if someone actually decides to attack. Money and the guns are doing all the talking worth listening to and the cheap oil keeps flowing, so we tolerate and even encourage dictators around the world. First we sold the Syrians weapons, but now we're working on robotics that make all the old ones obsolete. The longer the middle east is in turmoil, the more weapons we can sell in the long run, that is, until oil becomes obsolete as fuel and, after that, the more disorganized they are the more NATO can enforce the shipping lanes and the more excuses the US has to do what it wants.
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  6. machinist

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    Russia has been known to lie. Just sayin.
  7. Irminsul

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  8. stormountainman

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    About three weeks ago there were articles about Indiana and Kentucky which reported that Trump had authorized the re-working of the Medicaid programs in these states. The "Re-Work" included all public assistance that a poor person gets when filling out a Medicaid application. These services included food stamps "SNAP" and WIC or WIC like if the name of the program has changed in your state. And it included Medicaid medical treatment (in Colorado called indigent care) and the reports indicated Trump & Ben Carson are kicking people off the Section 8 program too. So, it is what I read.
  9. stormountainman

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    America lied about Iraq's WMDs. America lied about the Tonkin Gulf Incident.
  10. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I don't see the problem with going after a country that is always threatening with weapons. They're all fuck wits in the middle east. If you hear about a threat I say you gotta go in and spend some tax money. Whether it was true or not, unimportant. Have to keep them on their toes. You can't just let stiff slide and then one day they launch something and then all you people will be like oh well we knew and didn't do anything. SMH. You gotta open cans of WHOOP-ASS, stay ahead of the games they play. Y'all know what they're like if you leave it to themselves. They'll kill everyone around them for those sand dunes. They've been doing it for thousands of years.
  11. scratcho

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    I've been going through this Russia bullshit since just after the second world war. They grab half of Germany, they grab all those other countries--Hungary, Czeckoslavakia, Romania,etc, etc ,make them part of the USSR, kill millions of their own people and are STILL HOSTILE to us and any country that tries to have freedom. Putin is a fuckin' gangster that has and will continue to kill those that speak against him, threaten us and others with consequences--blah--blah--blah--blah. I'm truly tired of hearing about, reading about and THINKING about those fucks. Now they are in OUR and other countries elections! No one wants anything to do with A-B***s or H- B***s, but there is NEVER going to be peace unless Russia is taught some kind of big time lesson. This shit has been happening since 1945 and I for one, am god damned tired of it.

    WE beat Germany--and we didn't take them over. WE beat Japan and we didn't take them over. Anyone heard of the Marshall plan. That's what WE did.
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  12. Irminsul

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    Well to be fair it was the Russians that forced their way into Berlin and forced Addy to suicide. But sure, you can have a participation award. :)
  13. scratcho

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    Thanks. I'll put that next to my award for being a dancin' fool!
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  14. Orison

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    beep beep bop bop, this is a lie
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  15. stormountainman

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    That's one reason billions of poor ordinary people want a new world order. Wooden Ships on the very free
  16. Monkey Boy

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    The Saudi Arabian sponsored rebel group "Army of Islam" has been based in Douma. They were the one's that alerted western media about the suspected chemical attack.
    This group has admitted to using chemical weapons against the Kurds in 2016. Jaysh al-Islam - Wikipedia

    Also, the Washington Post reported after having access to Douma that according to eye witnesses a strange smelling gas was leaking out of an intact cylinder. They blamed the militant group "Army of Islam" as the cylinder would have been damaged if dropped from the air. Chemical weapons inspectors reach Syrian town
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