Running From Myself, That Boy, and others

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SvgGrdnBeauty, May 28, 2004.

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    Running From Myself

    I've tried to run away
    From who I really am
    I have tried
    Lord, I have.

    You can see it in other writings
    From the past
    From the ways I've acted

    I've found no matter what
    I keep coming back
    Because its so hard to hide
    From yourself
    I know because I've tried
    Lord, I have.

    I've tried to leave poetry
    But its a part of me
    I've tried not to care
    But I do.
    I've tried to be more like everyone else
    But I'm not.
    I've tried not to try
    To run away anymore
    I have discovered that its to no avail.

    I am looking for myself
    I think I'm almost found
    Because I stopped running away
    Stopped being a concious clown

    You'll just have to accept me
    Because this is the end of the game
    You'll just have to accept me
    I am tired of pretending
    Lord, I am.

    That Boy (For Shawn)

    That boy
    I see him everyday
    Though he tries to hide it away
    I know that that boy is crying inside

    That boy
    He has so many dreams
    He can't reach them, in his mind it seems
    That boy's emotionally dying everyday

    I just want to reach out to him
    Tell him it's OK
    But he's untouchable to me
    That's the way he'd rather stay

    That boy
    Deserves his love one day
    And until she comes his way
    That boy will be forever sad...

    I wish that I could reach him, but I can't

    I'm a modern day hippie
    In my idealistic world
    I call for peace and love
    And no one understands

    I listen to the music
    I hang on every word
    Wondering if we can fill
    The dream that many have heard

    Wasn't it John Lennon who asked
    For all the world to live life in peace
    What happened to that dream?
    Can we still imagine it now?
    Naturally Untitled #2

    Newborn grass
    Around toes in the soft, cool grass
    Be one with the world
    Find yourself
    Concentration lost for a moment
    Yet nothing ever seemed so clear
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    Where's the cream Filling?
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    huh? ::is confused::

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