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    Thought I'd throw in this petition I found while surfing this site.

    To: Universal Studios
    Universal Studios recently announced an August DVD release, the first
    season of the 1970s TV series "Rod Serling's Night Gallery." Despite
    concerns from the DVD-preparation staff within the studio, who showed
    decision-makers a night-and-day comparison between an old print and a newly
    restored print, the marketing department decided to move ahead with the
    transfer to DVD using the old prints. Some episodes in the old mastering
    have music cue omissions and other errors that are now to be transferred
    permanently, for posterity, to silver disc, with substandard picture
    quality. With the new wave of high definition DVDs on the horizon, what does
    this executive decision say about this studio? They want your cash, but they
    couldn't give a rip about offering you proper value. This is merely the
    latest offense in Universal's string of DVD-release fiascos: Steven
    Spielberg's "Duel"--postponed twice, presumably for quality control
    issues--and the defect-ridden releases of Monty Python's "The Meaning of
    Life" and the "Back to the Future" trilogy.

    The icing on this rancid cake: no extras are being considered, even though
    they exist and could be easily added. No trailers, TV spots, commentary,
    interviews, paintings gallery, isolated scores, essays, nothing. The studio
    won't even throw the fans a bone--just one more example among many of the
    careless attitude this studio has for the cultural legacy it stewards and
    for the customers who support it.

    We request from Universal Studios a DVD set of "Night Gallery" from newly
    remastered prints, with errors corrected and the addition of such special
    features as are mentioned above. The studio needs to treat this historically
    significant, classic series with the respect it deserves. It was
    small-screen icon Rod Serling's last foray into series television and
    warrants a presentation with a little more prestige.


    The Undersigned

    This Remaster Petition to Universal Studios was created by and written by Scott Skelton (


    Just one more example of what corporate giants like Universal thinks about
    it's artists and costomers these days.

    To see the actual petition head to and select Night Gallery
    on DVD.

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