River in my heart

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by StarGateKeeper, May 28, 2004.

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    It is like trying to tattoo
    the effervescence of your kiss
    upon my brain
    so I will not forget
    how unforgettable
    being with you has been...

    Its like spinning in
    the seclusion
    of my solitary space
    Always feeling you near me
    like the warm and welcome
    breath of your words
    on my face

    Its like the coolest fire
    I've ever felt
    Your vibe so crisp and
    refreshingly alive
    my heart will melt
    into pools of admiration
    just to reflect your glow.

    Its like all the earthly
    pleasures and the
    very taste of nature
    wrapped in the whisps
    of clouds embracing me
    You are my home-world
    You are my universe
    You are inside me

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