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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Peace-Phoenix, May 9, 2004.

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    I'm Peace-Phoenix, though most of you probably know me by now as Sal. I've been around these forums for the past three years and have found a lovely home amongst the amazing people here in the UK community.

    I'm a writer and a student. I'm currently taking a gap year before heading off to Cambridge University in October. Getting into there was one of my life goals. Another is to make a difference in this world, especially through my writing. I love to write poetry and prose. I've had a few poems published and am currently working on a satirical novel, although at present I seem to have a little writer's block.

    Politically I'm very left-wing. I'm broadly pacifistic, and believe in equality for all peoples on this planet. I'm strongly opposed to the evils of capitalism and the encroaching menace of global corporations that are threatening all life on this planet. I'm a strong believer in human rights, universal freedoms, environmentalism and respect for our earth and all things on it.

    I wouldn't say that I am opposed to social labelling as such, in terms of movements and consciousness and ideology, rather fashion labels. Although I'm resistant to those who would claim to be hippies on the basis of the clothes they wear, broadly I feel comfortable being described as one based on ideology. Largely though, I feel that such things do not matter so much as the goals we all strive for. A hippy by any other name would smell just as unwashed!

    Musically I love a lot of 60's and 70's bands such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Byrds as well as more modern artists such as Badly Drawn Boy, the Jeevas. My favourite band, live or on CD, though, would have the be the Levellers! Nothing beats them!

    I love travelling. Going to festivals, demonstrations, gatherings, camps and the like. I don't, as such, see myself as a free spirit. There is much that still binds me to the material world, especially the establishment of my academic life. But I do not see this as a hinderance, rather an enrichment of ideas which I hope to use to set me free, and to help set the world free!

    This is me being very protective over a sacred stone on the Orkney Isles in Scotland....

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    you're pretty hot, if you don't mind me saying so.

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