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    Finally caught up with the revamp of the board and re-registered.

    Yeah, barefooting has been great for me lately. I think I've worn shoes about twice in the last 10 days, and that was once for a job interview up in Wembley and once to go with a friend to see him play in a recital up at the RNIB near Kings Cross. Shame really as I would have been well up for going barefoot to london otherwise. Still, I've got that Catford visit still to come as it's been way too long!

    Yesterday was something of a scorcher anyway, I'm not sure if my feet would have survived the hot pavement, but I'd have at least liked to be able to find out, my feet certainly didn't enjoy wearing the shoes, but it's an interview and you need to dress smart to show that you care about the job.

    I've got two more interviews tomorrow so will probably have to suffer again, but today, no such hindrances. I'm going to enjoy the walk onto campus in a couple of hours, as I'm playing some music to accompany a dancer's choreography project. She wanted some sort of jazzy stuff to accompany it so I phoned a friend and wrote a sax duet. The project is outside, on the grass centred around some obscure metal construction that looks to me (and to most of the students here) like a Giant Golf-Ball and functions superbly as a climbing frame for those warm pissed summer nights when the union is far too hot to enjoy and the exams are all over.

    So yeah, my feet are feeling great, the skin is getting pretty tough now, I can handle pretty much anything and the next morning my feet will be feeling fresh and ready to take it all on again, even in the warm weather. Apparantly we're due some showers and a bit of cooler air, but it doesn't look like that'll be today from looking out of the window, although that's what the weather forecast promised (but then they said somethign about rain over night and that didn't happen).

    The best thing about it is how even the most curious of my friends have seemed to just accept it when I tell them that my feet cannot handle shoes in hot weather. I actually went to a party barefoot on one of the campus bars. A lot of people had seen me going barefoot around the place in the previous week and had come to expect it. Those that hadn't seemed to adapt to the idea rather quickly. I had a bit of trouble with the security bloke who wasn't happy with the idea. It was irritating, but what made me really chuffed was people offering to help out. One bloke lent me some flip flops, which was kind of him. I didn't enjoy wearing them and I didn't really enjoy giving in to the chap who made the fuss in the first place, but then I didn't want to make a huge scene and upset the party. It was a 21st birthday after all. The birthday girl actually asked me if my feet would be all right in the flipflops, and in doing so showed genuine understanding of my problem, which really touched me, especially as I know she can survive in thick heavy trainers in the biggest of heatwaves.

    After that, the party went ok, we got to the end, I gladly returned the footwear to their owner and went off with some others, and ended up staying in what happened to be a spare bedroom in the birthday bird's house. Ended up spending the day with her an her housemates in town, happily barefoot, as I'd been all of the previous day (watching some football - when I say some I mean 3 matches spread across 8 hours - in a pub). Went to pubs, shops, a snooker club, all over town and everyone seemed to forget that I was barefoot. Actually I find that I forget I'm barefoot myself a lot of the time, especially when I'm with other people and everyone's acting normally.

    I knew I'd overcome a big social barrier and being going barefoot among friends a lot, when yesterday, walking in my shirt, trousers and shoes to the train station, I passed a friend by chance who said "You've got shoes on!".

    So I've got another couple of interviews on friday, as I said before, and a gig on saturday in a church I think, so i'll probably dress up for that. Then it's the last week of term, can't see myself needing any shoes for that!
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