right infront of me

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by mystiblu, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. mystiblu

    mystiblu Member

    right in front of me
    taste this fear my love and be afraid
    forever debted to me and mine for services lent
    said and undone
    right in front of me

    i know why you cant take your eyes off of me
    caught in the shadow of the way i used to be
    right in front of me
    torn apart
    inside out
    eyes sewn shut

    yet tears pour out
    all i wish to be
    in ripples,
    right infront of me
    ook in the mirror
    staring back at me
    a hollow shell
    of who i used to be

    long since forgotten
    the fall to great defeat
    right infront of me

    i could write to change the world

    no say either way

    right in front of me

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