RIght, following on from teh closed UKhippy thread

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by _chris_, May 27, 2006.

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  1. _chris_

    _chris_ Marxist

    Whilst there were reasons to close it that im not gonna dispute, there were some positive things to come out of it that we shou7ld continue talking about

    id love to be able to rebuild this forum, and would be happy to assist
  2. jonathan_s

    jonathan_s Member

    I know this forum could get back to what it used to be, it's just going to take time
  3. Anaconda man

    Anaconda man I am not a hippy

    Well, I for one would prefer to post here.
  4. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Me too. Skip's agreed to let me come back to moderate this place, and I hope to help rebuild it. I'll be putting in a lot of time and effort into it again, and hopefully together we can turn this forum back into the thriving community that it once was. I sat out of the arguments surrounding UK Hippy (in fact I wasn't around for most of them) but that's all in the past now. I'm sure some people on both sides aren't happy with what happened, and I don't blame them. But Dharmamillo is right, we can't keep going round in circles. Onwards and upwards, that's the only way to go....
  5. brothwood

    brothwood Member

    yeah, lets hope this place can return to amore buzzing community, would be definately nice to give it ago, get to know the UK community a but more
    lets make this work :)
    peace to all
  6. i find it rather amusing how everyone suddenly reappeared when it went down!!
  7. Mr Iceman

    Mr Iceman Member

    At the end of the day in the world we are all fighting for our hippy communities/beliefs/way of life to be accepted and all these arguments are going to make those on the outside looking in turn against us. If I was a first timer looking in I would see that all these arguments are going against the way of life and culture I am fighting for in the real world. This helps neither THF nor UKHippy. Without the snipe and spam we could co exist as not one site should have a monopoly. Let’s fight against the real enemy the oppressor and the dictator of the world not each other, let’s defend our way of life and not offend our brothers and sisters. I have bled for my rights to my life style and here we have people trying to destroy it in a war of words. THIS IS MY BATTLE CRY, MY RALLYING CALL TO UNITE AND SIDE BY SIDE WE SHALL FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. No matter how many sites are set up WE ARE ONE PEOPLE ONE PLANET. ONE COMMUNITY Reaching out with our spirit of love and peace. UNITED WE FIGHT. UNITED WE STAND TALL. DEVIDED WE FALL

  8. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    I'm all for moving on. But it seems to me that people will keep on asking "what happened" no matter what, and that there are sore issues still to be addressed if moving onwards is an option. You can't go on not mentioning the elephant in the living room. When anyone stating that a coin actually has two sides provokes an aggressive response from Skip swearing blind that "A COIN ONLY HAS ONE SIDE!", closing the thread and suppressing further discussion will mean that the issue can never be dealt with rendering this place doomed to live out the feedback loop it has been stuck in for months...

    Glad to see you back young Mr Peace...
  9. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    You are the ONLY person bringing this up over and over.

    I am not the issue here.

    Get a fucking life, or leave already.
  10. dhARmaMiLlO

    dhARmaMiLlO Member

    When i use the term 'moving on' I do not imply forgeting.
    I suggest that people can agree to disagree, then move on.

    I don't agree with Skip's turn of phrase particularly - but then I also know that the use of text for emotive subjects has two main, antipodal, faults:
    It decreases communication and also increases ambiguity.

  11. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    I didnt bring it up, people kept asking, only whenever they did the threads kept being closed:)

    I agree with dharma about agreeing to disagree and moving on, but how can you even do that when youre not allowed to disagree? It takes two:)
  12. jonathan_s

    jonathan_s Member

    Fucking hell man kids, here we go again yet another argument.
    We are supposed to be bringing this community back on it's feet and you lot are starting more bloody arguments. GET OVER IT, let's get on with putting this place back together :)
  13. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    How interesting that YOU joined this site, AFTER all this transpired, and yet YOU can't let this go... Just who ARE you?
  14. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    I don't think there's any need to be overly concerned about it, he's not a spammer, and he's said previously that he prefers this place to the other. So why worry. We're all just going round in circles here. We may just have to agree to disagree. It's not as though any of this really matters anymore. I think we'll all have to agree to put the past behind us, and get on with building the future.
  15. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    The oddest thing is that I wasn't involved in any of this ... I was away when it all transpired, then rejoined with a new name and had to piece together what went on. I have no interest in prolonging the argument, I'm strictly neutral, but have been drawn into this peculiar slanging match by Skip's bizarrely confrontational style when the subject is mentioned and all the summary thread-closing.

    I agree with Mr Peace ... agree to disagree, accept that people have diverse opinions (don't censor them for that) and move on[​IMG] How many times do I need to say that?!
  16. jonathan_s

    jonathan_s Member

    Can we just let this lie now and let's get on with the future? All this is annoying me
  17. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Who did you use to be?
  18. Power_13

    Power_13 insult ninja

    Well, you were saying about getting the UK Forum back to how it used to be, so I decided to invite Nip back.
  19. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

  20. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    Here here!
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