Richard D. Wolff, Jacque Fresco And Julian Assange: Political-Legal-Economic Figures

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    Robert reich is important, but not as important as richard d. wolff in relation to politics, law, economics and how they relate to one another, jacque fresco is like steve jobs, bill gates and now, elon musk, ahead of his time, advocating-and-activising for a post-scarcity economy, just like musk is advocating-and-activising for a technological singularity (which is gradual, not immediate, but imminent), julian assange is both a revolutionary and evolutionary, arguably the most important political-legal-economic public-and-professional figure in media/journalism and with leveraging political-legal-economic power
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    Assange's action of publicising all that info online and unfiltered was the only revolutionary thing he did. It has its use but it doesn't make him a revolutionary or the most important figure in journalism.
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    Whistle-blowing is revolutionary or is becoming increasingly/incliningly revolutionary, since it's physically a risk to the "self and other's", especially as it gets harder in the digital era, where-by cutting-edge high-tech capitalist economies, now have digitised "check's-and-balances" to ensure a so-called "lack-of-transparency" and there-by accountability

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