Richard Brautigan In Watermelon Sugar.

Discussion in 'COOL Books' started by Fairlight, Oct 12, 2011.

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    I love Richard Brautigan.He's probably my favourite writer of all time.Best known for "Troutfishing in America,which sold over a million copies,I have chosen "In Watermelon Sugar because it's the first one I read,although you could start anywhere with this writer's work and be enthralled and delighted.Described as the last of the "Beats", the proto-hippy beatnick vibe certainly shines through in all his writing.He was also a fine and entertaining poet.Some critics panned him for lacking characterisation,but I don't think that was the case at all - he was trying to do something entirely different with the novelistic form, and he did.I would even recommend him to people who think they don't like novels,he's that refreshing.Please take some time out to track his books down - you won't be disappointed.
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    I have 3,But I misplaced "Trout"somewhere along the line. I was just looking at one yesterday and I'm just waiting to use one of his sayings. The one about Karma. He must have been a very troubled man---I think you know what I mean.
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    I read Confederate General from Big Sur and In Watermelon Sugar Way Back when he wrote them. I realized that I was an acid head because I understood and felt part of the stories and knew the people. The Style of Richard Brautigan is Amazing I agree.
  4. Vettester

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    oops duplicate
  5. scratcho

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    Cleveland Wrecking Yard and Revenge of the Lawn are right up there at the top for me.

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