Discussion in 'Anarchy' started by Dr Phibes, May 28, 2006.

  1. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    Better put the books away they are dogmatic slavery tools
    get the rhetoric going use YOUR brain not someonelses
    fight the state - dont talk it to death
    The state went deaf a few hundred years ago
    it aint listening
    get up and wave your arms about
    attract its attention - a couple of riots will do
    and while youre at it - invent your own slogans
  2. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    Goddamn, maybe you and I can see eye to eye yet.

    Nice post brother, very nice :)

    Viva Revolucion!!!!!

    It's time for people to get motivated, time to RISE UP and take back this planet.
  3. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    And when the populace fails understand the need to fight because you're so enlightened that you dont feel the need to stoop to "the sheep's" level and share your knowledge, you will just be one more gungho antistate in a state prison.

    A real good strategy for changing the world...
  4. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    What anarchist fears the state - better to live in joyous rebellion than chains
    better to sacrifice ones life than have it sacrificed - better to have
    loved and lost than never loved at all
    Better to scare them than to lay down next to them whispering romantic poems
    anarchy isnt an ego trip phantasy where you lead a revolucion
    its a reality that fights oppression
    no more poetry lets have a game of reality!
  5. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    I'm not talking about fearing the state you idiot!
    How much good will you be to radical social change if you are locked up or executed?
    Fight, yes, but fight smart and never fight alone!

    A group of armed men have invaded your home, kidnapped your family and have locked you out.

    Do you charge the front door with your bare fists, or do you gather your neighbors and friends and work out a strategy that will not get your family slaughtered?
  6. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    i have a question you say 'don't talk it to death'
    except rhetoric means to persuade through speaking or writing
    so what do you mean?

  7. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    I mean dont sit around thinking this is revolucion to
    chinwag about dead peoples words
    the state went deaf and it never got through
    the next best rhetoric to pose
    is a question to the state
    Dont sit in here thinking this is the revolucion
    while you opine some theory and think
    that will urge the world to rise up
    you merely seem bourgeois and foppishly weak
    I doubt the peasants are thinking about Prouhdon
    as they prepare the revolucion in South America
    They cant eat a theory its bread theyre after and I do mean
    the kind you bake
  8. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    And yet, here you are.
    I don't throw questions or rhetoric at the state.
    No point.
    I seek the abolishment of the state.
    But I can't do it alone.
    I have to convince others (and yes even "peasants" need convincing).
    I use rational thought as well as passion.
    Thats not a sin.
    "Wars are not just won on the battlefield."
  9. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    Education is a very important facet of the movement, in order to provide an attainable level of success, the average populace must be educated and realize that they have been indoctrinated. However all of the un-biased education in the world won't amount to anything if no real action is taken, people need to be educated, and then to rise up and circumvent their oppressors, We as a world society CAN achieve this goal, but it's going to take alot of work and networking, multi-faceted actions, and yes, a whole lot of well thought out, impecabbly researched education, education that will undermine the efforts of maintaining the status quo, education that will break the chains of indoctrination, Education that will spur the youth of this world to be the FIRST generation to rise up and say, NO MORE.
  10. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    of course here I am debating - because you need an education - I respect your choice to follow Anarchy but your methods are hardly credible in the fight against an oppressor
    DEAD LITERATURE V's LIVE RHETORIC - I respect that you are trying to teach yourself but do that first.
    You cannot be an intellectual force without beating down the arguments against you
    and you will not do that with other peoples theories - use them but dont uphold them uncritically
  11. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    I have to convince others (and yes even "peasants" need convincing).

    A bourgeois intellectual western hipocrites view
    tell your theory to the guys whos daughter aged 10 died picking your coffee beans
    for $0.10 a day

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