Reverse sexism? Reversal sexism because of attraction toward females? whatever!

Discussion in 'Men's Issues' started by Jedi, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Jedi

    Jedi Self Banned

    Alright, I can't sleep so I post something that I was thinking about today... or atleast came into my mind. One thing- Reverse sexism: A male volunteer cannot fetch a new student because the new student's name cannot tell the leader ( woman) whether or not the student is a he/she ? (true story)

    Another true story:

    A male student was not given the counter position at dunkin donuts (summer job) because the owner requires 2 females and one male to man the counter... he does not want many males. It is rumored that the "boss" does not give women much work to do except the counter but the man - who is at the counter does everything else/ counter for the same pay.

    One more true story:
    A man who is a cashier has to get on a ladder and bring down heavy objects all by himself while the other 'female' cashiers just sit down and talk to each other. AHA!

    Alright we will have just one more okay? : A student who has devoted so much to his organization is turned down from a position because the competing person is a very attractive woman... not a candidate who has ever showed up or did something, but a candidate who was just an attractive female student.


    alright , i will stop whining, the point here is that: Is this a new trend or something that only belongs to a specific location... and not widely spread.
  2. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    naw, happens all the time. when I worked at subway, I wasn't allowed to take the garbage out at night (the bin was in an alleyway)... plus sometimes the garbage was simply too heavy and awkward to lift (I'm short, the garbage can was nearly my height and I'm really not that strong). The manager kept wanting to hire men to work the night shifts, but didn't really want them working much else except for the closes. Then again, he hired a methhead who was his friend and I quit so... he deserves whatever shit goes his way.
  3. FeelinGroovy

    FeelinGroovy opposable thumb

    It happens both ways. Women are characteristically better at some things and men are characteristically better at some things. As always there are many exceptions. This is just reality.

    In my entire life the only sexism that I have ever experienced has been against men, by teachers/mentors who have admitted to me that they were strong feminists and biased against men and believed in giving females preferential treatment just because they felt that the field didn't have enough women.

    Myself, being nievely unbiased would have more of a tendency to have a negative bias against women (which I don't) simply because of the pro-female sexism that I have been exposed to.

    I'm not complaining, nor do I have any reason to complain, I am just stating the reality of my experiences.
  4. Green

    Green Iconoclastic

    My dad gave me more and more difficult work at a younger age than my sisters.

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