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  1. i'm on vacation and won't see my dealer til monday, and all i have is resin, but i don't actually know how to use it. any ideas on how to smoke it, and if it's even woth it?
  2. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member


    start of by getting a lighter and holding it for a couple of seconds heating it till it get crumby and then spinkle over ur jiont put more in for a higher high easy as that. good resin is not bad not bad way to get high!! (just depends on quality of it) which can be noticeD by the colour. i have some good ganja at the moment.


  3. erowid

    erowid Member

    don't do it, resin is like 5 times the lung destruction cause its all the stuff to heavy to make it through the pipe, and half the high quality wise. Sometimes it is just a good time to exersize patience, yet to say Ive never failed in this last provision would make me a flaming hypocrit, so if you really can't do what you gotta do the guy above new what he was talkin about.
  4. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member

    its all about the quality and smell but u can get good resin trust me i smoke it alot and also smoke leaf too soo resin is weed that makes it good in my eyes:cool:
  5. alright, thanks guys. I might just wait, i don't have all that much anyway. shouldn't be too hard...
    just sorta scared about my lungs now lol.
    peace :)
  6. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member

    lol thats shit it no worse than leaf there the same thing rember that and by the way how much u have on u???????????????
  7. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    scrape it(oout of ur pipe I assume) and then roll it in kinda, so its a chunk, get something, like ashes or a roach or sumthin? to put on the screen so it dont melt threw, then smoke it. A direct flame burns it away very fast. THC burns at a lower temp, so just holding the lighter above it, and slowly hooting will get u a good hoot, and burn less. Hold it in for bout 3-5 seconds and exhale. It DOES get you high and its a good high too.
  8. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member

    yea i agree dude thats what iam saying too. it does get u high trust me most my friends smoke resin cos its harder to get leaf so smoke it up. ENJOY

    Roll them jionts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    ya exactly, it gets ya high. When theres no green around then well, may aswell smoke a good ol bowl of resin. fuck if its worse for ya? What doesnt harm ur body now adays?

    I mean, the towns on a drought rite now, I have no choice, but to toke a bowl of resin tonite.
  10. me and my freinds scrape our pipes about once a week and get some pretty big resin terds and save em until we dont have no kill and wanna get high... tastes like donkey dick but hey after a few hits you forget about the taste
  11. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    heres my theory again: since resin is all of the chemicals that have resulted after combustion of the weed, all that should remain is uncombustable chemicals, and chemicals like the drug, THC.

    youll notice when you soke resin, it doesnt burn, but it heats up and disintegrates.

    so, theoreticall, though not proven, it should but much healthier for you than smoking actual bud.

    you dont evne need to do anything spoecial with it, just plonk it in your piece and smoke it. but i think you dneed to mix it in well with your stuiff if you want to make a joint

    TARABELLE on the road less traveled

    HaHa, me too, but for lack of bread.
  13. kawiz1k

    kawiz1k Member

    resin balls get you ripped... heat pipe with resin...scrape resin and ball together...put back in pipe..light up and kinda messy and not very tasty..but it gets the job done...and it burns forever
  14. yeah resin bowls will last alot longer than regular bud
  15. PokeSmot

    PokeSmot Member

    i love being able to get green every day of the week =)

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