Republicans go full-throttle death cult.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Piobaire, Aug 6, 2021.

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    The LEMMINGS I often speak of. Truth and proof be damned.
    "Awm a republican by damn, and I alwuz do what ma' party say- yez."

    I wonder how those anti-vax parents feel that lost their young kids to Covid?? A number of young kids have died recently who had not been vaccinated, and others in several "red states" are in ICU's fighting for their lives. ( Remember T**** said Covid only affects the older people with pre-existing conditions ). AND THE LEMMINGS SUCKED DOWN T****'s "KNOW - IT - ALL WISDOM" and trusted him and their immune systems.

    Got DEAD KIDS?????? Kid IN AN ICU ?????? Grandma or Grandpa died because you carried Covid-19 to them????? Look in the mirror and thank T**** and THE REPUBLICAN PARTY for brainwashing you ......... and not using your GOD-GIVEN BRAIN.

    Full disclosure - I used to vote for some Republican politicians for their stances on certain things ............... but that changed for me with RONNIE REAGAN announcing on national TV in the 80's that, "We're going to change our economy from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy." - and the factories started leaving en masse. Today's REPUBLICAN PARTY is nothing but LIES, ELECTION-RIGGING / VOTER SUPPRESSION, RASCISM-HATRED-BIGOTRY, and FASCISM-BASED TENDENCIES and LEGISLATIVE AGENDAS. Even former Republican heavyweights have said (in public forums) that ,"... the only party that stands for free democracy today is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY." Converts for TRUE FREEDOM !!!!!

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    I wonder if some of these dolts can be convinced to stay home if they get chest pains, shortness of breath, pain down their arms, cold sweating, maybe vomiting ........... you know ........... because doctors don't really know anything, and they CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

    Or stay home and let your immune system handle it when you're pooping bloody goop, and your skin's turning yellow.

    Or you have a cut on your foot, and you have red streaks running up your leg, a fever of 104, swollen glands, and pus oozing from the throbbing cut. STAY HOME. TRUST that immune system. Aren't you G-L-A-D you didn't get a tetanus vaccination ???? You might get "side effects" from the shot !!!!!!!

    Better to trust "Con-ie Donnie" and his all-knowing guidance, or THE REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS (who secretly GOT all sorts of vaccinations )..... but tell the "faithful flock of LEMMINGS" to just let their immune systems fend off that horrible infection or that heart attack.

    As with ANY medical condition ......... For GOD'S SAKE ........ don't trust the doctors. Trust THE REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS !!!!!!!!! (Full-voiced sarcasm for those who don't understand my last sentence.)
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    For a political party that's been screaming about "getting back to normal" and "having everything open again" - THE REPUBLICAN PARTY sure doesn't support the one thing doctors everywhere are saying will get us there ............. getting vaccinated. REPUBLICANS have been the ones doubting expert medical advice, and encouraging the anti-vaxxer folks to "do your own thing." Many (not all) REPUBLICANS view getting the shots and wearing masks as "caving-in" to Democrats and doctors. If a Democrat or a doctor told a Republican not to strike a match near a leaking propane tank - would they do it anyway ......... just to "not agree and cave-in" to a Democrat or a doctor???

    How about "coming to your senses" and "caving-in" to reality?????? This is how SILLY this whole scene has become.

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