Reports say Edward Snowden given pass to leave Moscow airport

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by unedited, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. unedited

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    Edward Snowden might be allowed to leave Moscow airport later today after reports that he'd been granted an official pass by Russian authorities.

    The BBC News channel just said the Russians might want him to 'assist' them in some unspecified way (my own speculation for which I have no evidence is that it could be an asylum hearing)... they reporter also suggested Snowden could find work with political 'think-tanks' although... seriously? The only politics in Russia with any credibility is opposition led, and if Snowden even thought about getting involved with that Putin would ship him off to Guantanamo personally.

    Anyway. Here's a link to an abbreviated version of the report, on the Beeb website:
  2. Ulver56

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    Edward Snowden is a hero. As is Bradley manning. i hope booth leakers action will help in the war for privacy and justice

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