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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Peter Popper, Apr 17, 2007.

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    iv taken acid once and had a good trip. im far happyer with myself, and to be honest i think i feel more normal since doing it. All the crazy stuff i used to beleive in has been shattered and i just dont know what to belive anymore.

    but i really like acid, however perhaps i should just leave things be now after my one trip. i dont want to become to weird, or have a bad trip and be permananetly scared.

    i guess im just wondering the effects of multiple trips.
    i guess it would give me more of this enlightenment iv gained.
    i saw my friend today and he says my voice sounds different since i done lsd. he says it sounds so much more like im exited about the world and happy and smooth and relaxed. and i feel truely great. but im worried that if i take acid again and again, or have a bad trip that it may just end up screwing me up.

    Should i just leave it at one trip?
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    Its a common problem and the most important thing is to give it time. You have to give yourself time to integrate everything you experienced in your trip back into your life, the knew found logic/understanding. No that doesn't mean you can't do acid again, but just do it when you feel comfortable.

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    it depends on your personallity really. I dose all the time and im not a werido or "not normal" by any stretch of the imaginiation. Ive also had a bad trip which i equate to an 11 hour roller coaster through fucking hell, and it hasnt ruined my life or anthing, it hasnt even stopped me from wanting to trip agian. Definatly dont force it though, if your unsure abut tripping and you trip agian your trip wont meet its full potential.

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