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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by ralyks, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. ralyks

    ralyks Member

    I've been having this one reoccurring setting in my dreams for several years now (four or five, I cannot remember).

    It involves two houses at the end of a road. The one on the right has a bench in front of it. There is another road at the end of this road, and the houses, and then there is a big grassy field like area. There is a lamp post and a statue in the grass. Then it graduates down to sand and the water (it is a beach like setting). It is perpetual sunrise or sunset here.

    Now, I've never been one at dream interpretation, but I decided to do a little research. Apparently the lamp post means that somebody who I least expect will prove to be a good friend in a time of need. The statue would represent somebody who I look up to. All I can find about the field of grass is connection to nature. The bench means I tend to be passive and/or procrastinate. The road is about a sense of direction. And the sunsets and sunrise are times of rest, new adventures, ending of eras, etc etc.

    Now, I assume it must mean something more if this theme has been showing itself in my mind for several years.

    Does anybody care to share some ideas about this?
  2. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

    I wouldn't rely on just a dream dictionairy. The symbolism of everything varies from person to person. What about an african who's never seen a streetlight? To him it might mean some newfound wonder, unless he gets the meaning out of a dream dictionairy.
  3. cooolz

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    no offense, but all those meanings you listed are BS. Those are just what somebody thinks those things could mean, to someone. there is no divine chart of dream symbols and meanings. Dreams just don't work like that. Also, not everything in a dream is a symbol. There could be grass there just because it's a natural ground covering, and what else would go in it's place? I believe that there can be symbols in dreams for things that exist in your waking life, but when something is one, the connection is usually more intuitive, rather than cryptic and arbitrary like that lamp post theory. Otherwise, what's the point of it?

    Have you ever been to a place like that, or maybe some locale that had the same conditions, like a childhood vacation town? Do you have the same dreams each time in that place, or dreams involving the same characters?

    In my understanding of dreams, there may or may not be anything to "interpret", but maybe you can still learn something of this place.
  4. i have the same thing, except a lot of my dreams are set somewhere on the property of my old elementary school.

    as for those interpretations, i think you shouldn't rely on a dream dictionary for that. i think it's more valuable if you first figure out how your own mind works and what your thought process must be while you're dreaming.
  5. ralyks

    ralyks Member

    Well thanks I suppose everyone...
    This is my first time venturing into this part of the forum. I have never read deep into my dreams, and I have never tried to analyze them. I just thought this particular one was interesting.

    The comments about dream dictionaries being bullshit are not very helpful - I am just a beginner here.

    No, I have never visited a place like this before, nor is it a memory from the past.
  6. cooolz

    cooolz Member

    ^ if you learned that dream dictionaries are bullshit, then it was helpful
  7. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

  8. Ecomancer

    Ecomancer Member

    Above all things, trust yourself. No offense to the other members here, but their attitudes say more about how much they want their own inspired/spiritual side under strict control, than to help you understand your own.

    I would tend to agree with your feelings as well. The two houses literally represent the kind of soul you will choose to house in life. The one with the bench is indeed, the path of constant idleness; not knowing; ambiguity. Many persons choose this route, because they fear the other path: the other house represents growth (green grass) and seeking a higher call (the statue), which will eventually lead you where all the narrow paths lead -- straight to the mystery, the unknown, and the nature of God (any view of the ocean from a beach front).

    Hope that helps.

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