Reoccuring Dream whats it mean?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Lion, May 26, 2007.

  1. Lion

    Lion Member

    I have had the same dream about four times throughout my life. In the dream I fall through the floor and find myself in a cement room with no doors or any way of escape. I turn around several times untill I notice a door that wasnt there befor I go through it and it desends. Finally I reacha dead end. The ceiling is up veary high. There is a ladder but It only goes halfway down well out of my reach. I go back up and notice a second door right next to the other I go through that one and find the door slightly smaller then me I go through and eather wake up or dream about something else. Does anyone know what it means?
  2. Moving_cloud

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    I wanted to share what came in my mind when reading your dream. Still this is but a suggestion, as the dream is your own creation and so is the meaning.

    I thought the dream is like an indicator of your deeper spiritual needs, and the conditions you create in your life to meet those very needs, in order to transform and reach beyond self limitation.

    The ladder is about the connection to your higher self. The room is the womb where you manifest and prepare yourself to change.

    The small door takes you to your choices, and the power to create ever anew even when you feel lost, or disconnected. It is not the power of the ego, and the temporary self ... but it is more like the power to fully see and embrace what is ... out of the magic and wonder of your own being, and out of the fullness of your life. And maybe you find it always has been this way.

    Thank you for sharing your dream.
  3. Lion

    Lion Member

    Wow Thanks for interpeting my dream. I always wanted to know what it ment, thanks a bunch it really helped!:)
  4. White Feather

    White Feather Senior Member

    Then after three times you should know the meaning of the dream.

    An unavoidable situation, perhaps (falling through the floor), exacerbated by unawareness. The cement room says that it is a hard reality, for you, with no way out - you WILL have to deal with the situation even if you do not want to.

    You are frantic for any answer and will latch onto not the best choice, usually leading to depression (descent).

    You look for assistnace from anyone, and find that there is no one to help you. You are on your own (dead end). You have the slightest glimmer of hope, but it is out of your reach, it is beyond your grasp, you don't know if it'll work, you're clutching at straws.

    There is always an obvious answer, but you don't want to consider that possibility. Finally you acquiesce, you give up, and the anwer presents itself because you are no longer only seeing what you want to see.

    You may feel somewhat humiliated, you may feel guilt, you may even put yourself down for getting into this trouble and not being able to conquer it.

    You'll try not to think of it, you put it behind you, you try to ignore it. You may find that either it is not that big or deal, or you have failed to realise that it happens to everyone else. The problem is that you think that everyone else has been able to conquer that fear, but that may be an illusion - they may very well be just as much a failure as you, they just hide it better. The problem is that you haven;'t yet learned to hide it, you haven't learned to be hypocritical, you haven't learned to live with a lie.
  5. Lion

    Lion Member

    Wow I have that kind of thing happening to me a lot ... that explaines a lot. Maybe thats why I have had the dream more then once. Thanks a lot for the interpitation. I should get a book on dreams, this is veary interesting.
  6. gs1391

    gs1391 Member

    you guys are really good at this, i hope you interpret my dream lol

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