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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by rabbit801, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. rabbit801

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    So in case any of you are new here, or just forgot about us, or just need reminded of us......

    We are starting a new cooperative community in northers california. We have almost 16 acres of beautiful land. It is rural, and off the grid. There is a tele line that will be hooked up soon, but there are no electric lines, except from our generators for now, until we get the PV going.

    So this is just a call out to any that might fit in with what we are trying to do. There is no forced way of being or thinking except that you must believe in the mission and be dedicated to making it happen. Other than that, no food policy although I will hope that when you buy food you do your best to buy from local co-ops and buy organic and GMO free. No belief policy religiously, we believe what we believe and you can do the same, no forced beliefs from us and no forced beliefs from you.

    The real goal is to have an easier way of existing thru a cooperative manner; hence our name Co-operative Effort. We do ask that if you come you have money set in reserve for yourself in case you want to leave so it will be easier to do so. Also in the first few months it is good to be able to support yourself with food and fuel if you have a vehicle. We can and want to do shared meals at least a few times weekly. Also we ask that until the funds are available and the permits granted for the main house, that you have a tent, yurt, tipi, or rv for your own housing. We are still few at this point, we have promises from people that they are coming in march, and one guy in florida says maybe in june, and another guy on this forum whom i will leave nameless right now is considering joining forces with us. So for the moment it is me, my wife, and our 3 month old daughter; and our friend Darren who has a tipi. We are all planning to be full time on the land right around Valentines day.

    Any money that comes in to this project in the form of members putting in goes to a central fund and will not be spent without the agreement of all. So that answers that question. You may spend your own money as you see fit, unless your purchase may potentially disrupt the land or the people on the land, then it must be discussed first.

    I have babbled enough for this morning, so you all have a beautiful day and feel free to feel free.
    In love and lite--
  2. blackfoot

    blackfoot Member

    howDy rabbit
    i would be down for living with some chill folks on some free environment and i would be more than will ing to work for the effort . i could possibly join if it were possible to have some type of job or work open for me to support myself, caus funds are low at the moment. If your lookin for folks to give a hand though for any support possible i would be interested... let me know
  3. jahpiper

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    Brother Rabbit,
    it all sounds so good, just moved out of my house on the east coast this week. Im gonna be a wanderin for a bit on the road. are you going to be at the national gathering this summer? maybe we could meet up. Ill be checking this page as often as i get to a computer. until next time, be well.
  4. PianoB12388

    PianoB12388 Member

    I think that its great that you are starting a new commune. I plan to raise my furture children in a commune.:D
  5. PhOeNiX_fIrE

    PhOeNiX_fIrE Member

    Hey Rabbit,
    I totally like the sounds of what you're doing. Here's the thing though... I just bought this chunk of land up in the kootenays, but lately I've really been feeling the need to wander. I've been thinking of renting it out foor a while which wouold help with the funds.. I also have a six month old daughter, but from the looks of your picture you have akid aswell. If you could email me or something so we could talk a bit more, I'd like that alot. Normally, I'd just pack up and come on out, but I have a kid now and I've got to be responsible.
    pm me.
  6. Texas Rob

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    Rabbit -- How about another update on the site. Brother, there are a number of us pulling for you and your family. God bless you. The world needs more brothers and sisters like you and your wife.

    Texas Rob

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