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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, May 10, 2004.

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    to all here
    just a feeling i had to express

    to complain inside ,tender waves roll
    remember yourself .,life the swim.
    many a words written to express
    only the comment can reflect.

    wonder of fluids, ripples intact
    only the moments ,memories last.
    remember yourselves ., thats all
    we have
    with every rider a human will pass.

    you wish for states to open a mind
    washing tides, linger within time...
    moan to remember .i know you shall
    for life love is not far....

    to complain again, what for.
    find the ocean the sea,once
    remember yourselves. who else will..............

    your partner parents family,
    they remember it all to well........................

    thank you
    something tingled my heart this evening
    so this came out.......
    love n peace from saff
    enjoy the ride remember it every single moment.......
  2. saffronfrancisburnet

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    thank you again .......

    (dont worry if anything sebbi

    will use better words of advise or replys
    and stop looking so {shall i say} YOUNG
    or uninterested in stuff other than HOT............}

    just my reaction to him

    this is what makes the world turn

    i think sebbi needs the lesson
    love n peace from saff..........
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    I can't reply to this. Seems strange right? A contradicton? I'm always technical in reply, not that I try to be or want to be, just am. But you are writting consciousness and inspiration, feeling and sensation non-physical. Not mere crisp arragement of nouns, verbs, adjectives invoking thoughts of this or that. Yours is communication sans the crass boundries of stuffy technique. While form and meter it has it is not subserviant to them. No technical reply will do. I would, ideally, say more nice things than "I like your poem" yet my usual manner of reply is not avaliable to me here so I am unable.
  4. saffronfrancisburnet

    saffronfrancisburnet Member

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    thank you
    very thoughtful reply
    love n peace from saff
    i write how i am not easy to do to be honest.

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