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Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by eydis, May 4, 2007.

  1. eydis

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    yeah.... nature! we are in this beautiful world, we love to travel, discover new places, new natural wonders... so, WE SHOULD CARE FOR THIS PLANET. and while travelling, it can be hard to be environmental; you come to a place in asia for instance, and you discover the locals havent got a clue about ecology and environment, they are in a phase where they just got their first mobile phone, can afford to drink coke and alcohol, eat more chicken pork and beef... it is SAD but true, trust me, been travelling for a while, and what we, the alternative westerners try to avoid in our modern countries (the money fever and soulessness and mac donald and coke syndrome), this we find in BIG BOOM expansion in many countries in the 3rd word and in asia. They are just starting their capitalistic journey, and it's all amazing, because it is the first phase, before they can feel the downside. So actually i travel to escape this shit from my home, but instead, i'm in an even worse situation sometimes in asia (sure it's not everybody/everywher ....) than in the western modern world. I made some rules for myself, just to make a tiny difference, and make a statement>
    -NO softdrinks or coke, fresh juices are so much tastier. And cheap.
    -Avoid platic bags when shopping, minimize the number ot them.
    -try tell restautant staff "no straw". just unnessary plastic, just stupid!
    -water= we just consume so many bottles! so stupid. See if you can get a "refill" option in some places (possible in some places in india and thailand). or even better, if there is a pump (not a well, unclean water) in a village in india that the locals are using, it is usually very safe. i have done this, taken water from water pump in india, and it's safe, free, and no platic bottle to pollute with! and its natural water, not this "filtered ionozed" dead stuff....
    -AND.... no toilet paper!
    Nature is cheap in those countries, so live a natural way! this is your chance, your karma, and a way of giving a good example....
  2. eydis

    eydis Member

    and one more thing>
    eat the local food! some western travellers go to the supermarket in goa, india, and buy western mayonaise, oliveoil, coockies etc.... and it's even more expensive than in their own countries of course because it is imported. so stupid!
    dont be afraid of getting sick, if you eat the local food, usually, if it does happen, which is rare, it has to do with meat, so eat more veg stuff!
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    I couldn't agree more :) Especially on eating local food! I went to Morocco and they have one of the best cuisines around the world. They have a lot of choices when it comes to food: kebab stalls, sweet stalls, tea stall, fish stalls, and even snail stalls. Try them all :)

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