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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by hello, May 19, 2004.

  1. hello

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    call it "spiritual" if you like, or "transcendental"...

    i went to a favorite park of mine, through which a small creek runs.
    i got down to the banks of the creek, found a nice place to sit, pulled out a book, and read for a while. pleasantness :)

    then quite abruptly (as does happen in FL), a thunderstorm blew in.
    it was lightning and wind and some rain.
    and i packed up my stuff and was heading back to the car, when i sort of got transfixed by the creek itself. i walked back, kicked off my sandals, and went about knee deep in the creek, and just stood there. in my mind, fantastic things were happening...

    the rain, and the energy of the thunderstorm, combined with the energy of the creek, and i sort of merged with the water, if you know what i mean.

    shortly after that, i felt compelled to run around the park, picking up every trace of garbage i could find. i must've looked completely gone-stoned-crazy, as i was soaking wet, barefoot, and picking up a bunch of trash, in the rain.

    after i had pretty well cleaned the park, i slowly pulled myself together, got in my car and drove away... but during that time by the creek, i had undergone what can only be described a spiritual or religious experience. i felt the presence of something much greater than myself, and also an inexplicable bliss or joy.

    please share any experiences that you'd consider "spiritual" or "religious"!!
    sincerity ;)
  2. cerridwen

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    That's a pretty trippy experience! ;)
  3. Dizzy Man

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    You sure you weren't smoking something at the time?

    I had a religious experience myself. I was praying to God to ask him about which was the right religion, and how I could live forever, and I saw a vision of a cross. It was a big bright white shape in my eyes, like the kind you see when you've been looking at a light and you blink. Only I hadn't been looking at any lights (I was in bed) and it was a perfectly formed cross, and very bright and very clear, and the shape stayed there for ages.

    I can't think of any alternative explanation for it other than it was a sign from God. I've tried many times to get the cross to come back, by staring at lights, rubbing my eyes and 'willing' it to appear, but it's never reappeared again. Just that one time, when I was praying to ask about about eternal life!
  4. didge

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    hmmm..when i was 12, i got hit by a car, and then died for a few mins..., i think that was the most amazin experience i'll ever have..
    two days o comin in and out of acoma, havin operations done without knowin it..
    and wakin up, in wat seemed like a second later...

    bein visited by family and friends everyday, and em tellin ya how much they love ya etc..its great..

    seein poor kids with missin limbs, sick people etc. ..really opens yer eyes, lets ya kno how lucky ya are, and how ya shouldnt take it for granted.

    and althou i feel plenty of pain all the time, i kno that someone out there is a hellova lot worse..

    makes ya should help.

    and so i will.

    i reckon that was my religious experience
  5. bird_migration

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    I do not believe in religion, therefore I never had a religious experience.
  6. Epiphany

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    The greatest spiritual experience I've had was when I was filled with the holy ghost. There is no greater feeling than being able to speak in a language, not known of man, that was promised to God's people 1,900 years ago during pentecost.
  7. Dizzy Man

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    What was the language you spoke, and why did you speak it? I don't get it.

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