Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by joeb331, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. joeb331

    joeb331 Member

    I know this is random, but I was wanting to see some feedback on what religion people who use Salvia are. Please do not use this to be criticize others. Thanks.
    BTW, I'm a Wiccan that uses Shamanic teachings.
  2. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

    I haven't used it very often.

    However, I am agnostic.
  3. theotherpath

    theotherpath Member

    I'd call myself a fundamentalist atheist.
  4. MatrimCauthon

    MatrimCauthon Member

    <--- christian
  5. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    i'm a taoist. i believe in infinity. i have a little pinch of christianity in me.
  6. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    on the otherside, and on this,
    awareness is the kiss.
  7. BeaverKoffi

    BeaverKoffi Member

    I am an alien !

    People these days feel more free to try out new drugs, and which is interested they research prior taking it. It means our intellectual base is goign up. These days more ppl with all scientific descoveried, technology, question this unknown world, and i think as a Religon is an old way to look at the world-But still has some fundamental teachings, as peopel due to our intellect should understand on their own. Theres more behind it to discover.
  8. BeaverKoffi

    BeaverKoffi Member

    i didint understand you, of courrse stupid losers will be eliminated or jsut sent to chill with same-minded friends. You should never stop improving, Never regress , always progress. ANd technological inventions are very important in our lives. and Histroy of course. If just stupid people would stop as much fighting for nothing, like Gaza in Israel, stupdi desert place where both nations ere allowed to walk or live, it only were owned by Israel nothing more.
  9. theotherpath

    theotherpath Member

    You might feel differently if you were in a war and were from the smaller country which is being invaded and bullied by the larger, wealthier country.
  10. BeaverKoffi

    BeaverKoffi Member

    Theotherpath- he did not about that situation ;) Ameica owns :D for good or.... bad, They are so far the smartest.
  11. MatrimCauthon

    MatrimCauthon Member

    Destruction brings creation. Without wars our civilization wouldn't be nearly as advanced as it is now. For better, or for worse.
  12. BeaverKoffi

    BeaverKoffi Member

    i agree but without certain wars... not all... liek for now this usless middle-east war lebanon and israel
  14. BeaverKoffi

    BeaverKoffi Member

    PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF THEY RULE OUR WORLD, the most wealthy nation, best technological potential, start a war whenever they want and NOBODY , in OUR time, that is so civiliazed and smart can do nothing... Not talkign about Australia land of Prisoners.. BUT you too rock because u all are from Queen's house. But america is still the best...
  15. MatrimCauthon

    MatrimCauthon Member

    That's an ignorant statement. I'm from America, I'm patriotic... did we win in Vietnam? Apparently not. We are a force to be reckoned with, but we aren't singled out as "The country not to fuck with". Turn on the news, plenty of people are fucking with us.

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