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Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by toastacidblocks, May 2, 2007.

  1. when i was on a large does of acid a while back i was laying there on my couch, in the 'coma' thinking so deeply about the things people follow in life, like christ and christianity and judisam and every other religeon i could think of, even tho i know nothing about any of them, and a enormous picture opened up before my eyes... it was a pyramid, and it was spinning slowly, showing me every side of it, and it was there floating in the "void", kinda like the backgroud of this website... and it (the pyramid) was made of millions and millions of people, but they had no faces or anything, just plain bodies. and at the top of this enormous pyramid was a flat surface made up of squares with pictures/designs/ideas/everything on them. but i couldnt comprehend what i was actually seeing on them.

    anyways, the point my mind was trying to make is that, in life, there apparently is a higher power that people are trying to follow, be it christianity, budism etc. helping them live their life to the fullest, trying to learn and gain from it.

    and myself for a while believed that i was agnostic, and this completely %100 confirmed that.

    my point is - after i couldnt comprehend the pictures/designs.. whatever was actually on top of that pyramid i realised that what i couldnt comprehend was 'life' and 'god' - THE TOP - everyone needs something to believe in, everyone needs something to rely on, and i figured that since i dont actually believe "GOD" the father of jesus and so on, or any other religeon that follows those sorts of standards i believe in that TOP, its not "real" so to speak, buts its a energy and a power all in its own. and it is a complete mix, except not at all, of all the beliefs in the world. (hard to explain)

    AGNOSTIC: A word first used by Professor Huxley, to indicate one who believes nothing, which cannot be demonstrated by the senses.

    So what im trying to say is that............
    there is something there...................... it isnt GOD but its something

    sorry, this is hard to put into words.

    thank you.

    comments on this?
  2. stonedmonkiwana

    stonedmonkiwana K9 Handler

    wow that's very deep and meaningful.. great post!
  3. i think you should stop using acid.
  4. floydianslip6

    floydianslip6 Senior Member

    You do realize what you just said is illustrating a belief in a God or diety. You can claim that it's isn't God, but that's simply semantics. There's a higher power, there's something there, but it's not God. That's what God means in it's most basic sense.

    If you want to deny the Christian God, or Wiccan's Goddess, or Islam's Alah then that's up to you. But what you just described, in a very though out way might I add, is the idea of a God.

    You should be asking yourself why giving it a name bothers you so much. It would seem as if you're tied to the agnostic idea of believing in nothing.

    Which is ironic since through believing in "believing in nothing" you are believing in something. Which is my general problem with agnosticism, A belief system that constantly logically contradicts itself.
  5. haha, i think im just damn confused... and trying to hard to think that i believe in something... your right...

    why should i stop using, this shows that i believe in a higher power, and those thoughts lasted exactly 3 seconds....
  6. and i dont not want to give it a name, becasue i do believe thats its there, just not calling it GOD, christians and whoever are using that... ill just believe in the nameless power.....

    make u happy?

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