relay for life in PA

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by veroness, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. veroness

    veroness There's only one :)

    how many people are participating in relay for life anywhere in PA today to saturday!?
  2. thisismike

    thisismike Overlooked/Uninvited

    I should...
  3. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    what is this relay for life?!
  4. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    Deals with cancer..anyways, I should too but I'm not
  5. veroness

    veroness There's only one :)

    its an event held all around america and it raises awareness for people everywhere and benefits the american cancer society. it also raises money for reserch qith cancer. basically where ever they pick the spot is, you and yourf riends create a team and camp out all night long. usually at a school and have a great time. you also have to have have one group memeber constantly walking for the full 24 hours. you can swich up every now and then. its fun really it is!
  6. Weaveworld

    Weaveworld wayward

    Huh...Funny, never heard of it. Good cause.
  7. veroness

    veroness There's only one :)

    indeed. i went to the one at ursinus college yesterday to today. i got a little bit sun burn but other than that it was fun. i also participated in my first ever beauty pagent! and played leap frog around the track with our group as our create walk
  8. Bella Désordre

    Bella Désordre Charmed

    I'm not. But a close friend is the chair of the 5k for life down here tommorow. It's her first big event she organized at her new job. I am so excited for her.
    Anywho, have fun.
  9. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    wow I also cant believe I was in the dark about this! Thanks for sheding some light on something so positive in our world :)

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